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QT interview on Modesty Blaise DVD


Hi there…

just wanted to let you guys know…

On the Modesty Blaise - The beginning by Scott Spiegel DVD

(I think the US release name is: My name is Modesty Blaise)

there is a 35 minute interview with Scott Spiegel and QT.

QT tells, why he is presenting the movie and they talk about the production. QT in his common machine gun rambling… It´s more entertaining than the movie itself…

Check it out if ya can!


Yeah it’s big Quentin…

I got the movie for $5 bucks and enjoyed it, but the features are really good. The interview, if you like Tarantino interviews, is really fun.


I wish Spiegel wasn’t on it though. Every time I see or hear him in an interview or commentary with someone like Tarantino or Ramie it’s like he’s trying to keep up with the big boys. He picks up on their manners and rhythms and it makes him look like an idiot lackey. He’s better than that.