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QT doesn't like Paltrow?


Who does like Gwyneth Paltrow?

Im sure QT could “slut her up” if he wanted to

Where the hell did THAT statement come from? QT must be drinking when hes saying this stuff.

I actually heard Paltrows a super bitch in real life. Very snotty. Not that I care either way.

The cult moviemaker admits he is desperate to make a “women-in-prison” or “cheerleader” picture as his next movie,

WTF. QT better not be thinking about a women in prison or cheerleader movie in place of IB. Hopefully this is just a rumor.

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but a woman-in-prison movie, or a cheer leading movie sound pretty lame to me. Just sounds like another explotion movie, which is neat and all, but don’t really seem to have alot of substance past that. They come off more as cool eye candy then anything else, although Im sure there is still some meaning there.

I’m sure if QT did them they would be interesting, but I’d much rather he focus on other projects. IB being one of course. A Quentin war flick would be incredible. Also, every time I watch kill bill, particularly the 2nd one, I want him to make a western, because that vibe is definitely in the wedding scene of the movie. Black and white. It would be incredible!

i agree with you totally.

i read this statement (more or less) in an interview he did when kb1 was released… i actually like gwyneth. come on: seven, royal tenenbaum she was great in those. i like shallow al too.

Id love to see a QT Women in Prison film SOMEDAY, but not after Kill Bill and Death Proof. QT has done two exploitation films in a row, now he needs to do Bastards.

in the interview i read (i repeat when kbv1 got released) the question asked was: “will you do a straight exploitation film one day?” and QT replied “i’d love to do a philipino horror movie or a women in prison film and if I do so, I am NOT gonna cast someone like gwynneth palthrow!!”. So, TMHO, he did his exploitation film, it was death proof and hopefully, he won’t do a WIP. he had other stuff to do, I mean he said he will retire before he is 60… so we’d be lucky if he does 4 more movies… beside, I think the weinstein still trust him and will continue to finance his ambitious films but i don’t think they will ever pay millions for exploitation pictures anymore!!

Who really wants to see Gwyneth Paltrow in a QT movie? I like to see her on the screen,but she does not have the ability for such movies.I think she´s more “Hollywood style”.

HAha… I have my doubt he said something like that, but if he did another reason to like him. Paltrow. ew…

i’d choose gwyneth palthrow over all the other hollywood actresses of her generation, that’s for sure…

He just doesn’t see her fit for a role like that. I can’t imagine her in a QT movie either, but never say never :stuck_out_tongue:

I like her as an actress though…

Yeah me too. I loved her in Talented Mr Ripley

Yeah me too. I loved her in Talented Mr Ripley

That’s such a fun movie! I fell in love with her character in that movie! Great combo with Jude Law, Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Well if he wants a blond, Maria Bello sluts up like nobodies business. Paltrow is a good actress imo. I love Shakespeare in Love and Shallow Hal.

Her best role has to be The Royal Tenenbaums.


QT just likes party girls.