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QT credit on "Grand Theft Parsons"

Hi! I’ve had a fascination with QT since “True Romance”. He is an incredibly talented writer/director/producer/actor…and super sexy. I do not know all things Quentin, nor do I wish to – some decorum must take precedence, but, I would like to know what his involvement was with the movie “Grand Theft Parsons” if anyone happens to know. He was listed in the credits along with some other names that were surprising. (ex. Cameron Diaz for hair extentions–LOL) The movie was fantastic, which does not surprise me if QT had anything to do with it!

hi! welcome to the board!

its the first time i hear about this movie

Robert Foster is in it, a friend of Tarantino’s (from Jackie Brown) and Tarantino is credited as “special thanks”. which doesnt mean he had anything to do with it, but the people who made the film wanted to merely thank him. i guess

Quentin Tarantino thanked a whole load of people for R.D and only one had something to do with the movie, even if he did act like a dick.

Thanks for the welcome. I joined over a year ago, but have not posted because I did not have anything to say. I saw GTP and noted QT’s name in the credits and thought I would post a question. Yes, TPTB are thanking him for something, but what that is is what I was interested in. (Like my example, they thanked CD for C. Applegate’s hair extentions.) People usually do SOMETHING to be thanked, so, I was just curious what QT did, not that it matters; it just made an impression upon me when I saw his name.

Since this is my first post to this board I am not familiar with its particulars, so, I have not figured out how to post back specifically addressing a specific post, but, this next question is for “Fatale” (I believe that’s correct.). Why do you say what you did? From everyhing I’ve seen QT do (interviews, etc.) and read about him he seems quite charming. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

I wasnt referring to Quentin as “A dick” I was referring to Lawrence Tierney, who made life difficult on the set of Reservoir Dogs, despite the fact that is one of the people thanked at the end