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Qt comedy

i wonder if Quentin did a full on comedy i think it would be one of the funniest things ever. since all of his film are hilarous he should do one i think

In my opinion his movies are funny because they’re dramas. Right after a disgusting or serious part he puts in a joke. They’re funny, because he’s using the comedy to jerk us around a lot. I don’t think that a comedy would really work, unless it was something like the Big Lebowski. Something that has a good/interesting story and some drama. Then it could be really good.

In an interview on the Dogs CE DVD, QT said he thinks Pulp Fiction belongs in the COMEDY section at the video stores. I think thats cool. I’m sure Kill Bill will have just as much comedy as his earlier films and probably more. I think hes really great at that kind of black comedy, that so ironic and satirical. QTs big strengths as a filmmaker is that sense of comedic timing that just breaks the high tension.

He also says some movies that arent “official comedies” are HILARIOUSLY FUNNY to him:

Taxi Driver: This film is HILARIOUS, if you just taped the audience watching the movie, youd swear they were watching a comedy.


Jaws: FUNNY!!

I definitely think QT should do a screwball comedy sometime. Im sure he will, those are some of his favorite kinds of movies.