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QT and Uma promoting Kill Bill on UK TV

QT and Uma Thurman will be interviewd on the

"Friday Night With Jonathan Ross" show about Kill Bill

03 October 2003 (Uk TV)


I watched the show earlier today when Ross anounced it.

Apparently Britney Spears should be on that show as well next week.

Maybe Tarantino will recruit her and make her a star…


Why does the UK love this man :slight_smile:  Don’t answer that, I think I understand  8)

on the Jonathan Ross show where they announced it (past fridaynight on bbc1 in the Netherlands f.y.i.) he had Michael Madsen on the show. man he still is a cool mofo! they talked about ears gettin cut off :wink:, kill bill, and his life and other future films he will star in. nothing really special but funny as hell.

I’m looking forward to next weeks show. it’ll be my first time seeing QT coming as a guest to a show on TV (not including DVD extra’s).

someon please record this to DivX and upload on the internet and passt the link to the video-file to download in here.


I`m really looing forward to this now. Finally something on TV I can watch.

Same here. I hope it won’t be short and that QT isn’t drunk :wink: and some new footage would be nice

Man, I just watched it, and it was really good! Not particularly informative for those of us who already sucked in every drop of information we could get about the movie, but still very entertaining. Ross and Tarantino really seemed to hit it off, it was almost like two old friends meeting up again, and they had quite a hilarious back-and-forth (highlight was when Ross showed QT the pictures of him in his Game of Death-tracksuit he got years before Kill Bill was made, and QT was like “Holy shit man, are you serious!? You rock!” ;D) Quentin came across as a really cool, down-to-earth geek guy, so I guess he did a lot better than on Leno.

hah…that pretty much kicked ass.

Never really followed QT until now…didn’t realise how much of a geek he is! ;D

I thought it was a very cool show altogether. Um was very charming: I never knew you was so shy (like when Ross started claiming that she wrote Kill Bill) or so funny. And QT was very down to earth and nice as always. Making jokes taking jokes, talking about some 70s disco movie and suddenly quoting the whole tagline or phrase of that movie ;D that was some funny stuff.

btw, I liked the way Ross started bringing up the way QT takes a long break. QT had some good arguments for it but more important, he promised us that it won’t happen again (in the near future) and that he thought 6 yrs. was too long as well.

And Jonathan Ross in the Game of Death suit? Hilarious!! He’s cool. see a picture of him in the suit at the premiere <LINK_TEXT text=“ … _pa200.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

I went to tape this show when it was repeated not long ago, and can you believe it, the tape ran out JUST as QT and Uma came on >:( :’(