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QT and 'The Cat's Meow'?

ok, watching this movie (I love that era for some reason) and noticed in the credits it said "Special Thanks : Quentin Tarantino"

It’s bugging me now - what did he actually have to do with this movie???



i got this from the imdb forums:

[quote]I’m not sure if Tarantino did anything particular for this film (he was working on Kill Bill at the time), but Bogdanovich has stated in the past that he thought Pulp Fiction was a great film. Maybe seeing that gave him the strength to go back and make another movie.[/quote]

[quote]Also, Bogdanovich lived at Tarantino’s house for a period in the late 90’s when he went bankrupt. And I’m sure there was a mutual respect between the two, so Peter offered a note of special thanks.[/quote]

i guess this helps you

Ahhhhhhhh, I see.

It was just so random, and you would never expect QT’s name to be up with a 1920s era movie…But I guess that makes sense.


Didn’t QT have a special thanks on ‘Dogma’ as well?

I noticed Peter Bogdanovich was thanked for Jackie Brown and both volumes of Kill Bill. Does anybody have more info on this?

probably just a nod? “They all laughed” is one of his favs, I read one time. Somewhere…

they are very good friends too. bogdanovich is also best friend with Wes Anderson.

yeah they’re friends, i seem to remember QT bigging up one of bogdanovich’s early films “Targets”. If you’ve read Easy Riders Raging Bull’s Bogdanovich seems like a 70’s era QT in how his career panned out and his film geekism - e.g. hecollected the reviews of every film he’d ever seen on index cards.

i heard of someone who ran into QT and was talking to him for a few mins at a festival and apparently he hates wes anderson movies…not me i think theyre great!

that reminds me that My Best friend birthday was supposed to be a neo-screwball comedy in the tradition of What’s up doc? (a bogdanovich movie)