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QT and Apple on Icoonclasts

We have no topic on this yet? Who’s seen it? I liked it a lot!

Haven’t seen the episode though I saw a couple of clips up on the Sundance Channel Iconoclast page…

Click on video to get to the video clips… just a couple of small ones…

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I guess QT knows Fiona from when he used to hang out with director Paul Thomas Anderson who is the boyfriend of Fiona Apple.

Some cool tidbits of info too, more hope for Inglorious Bastards as his next film, as well as little bits of info on his previous films, which are nice considering the lack of commentarys…

A clip of QT and FA talking about “antennas”…

The whole show is now on

Check it out:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Nice to see this. Fiona was lookin’ faded & horny when QT was telling her about Mt. Everest!

i thought QT was horny throughout this… i was waiting for QT to say “so… fiona… it’s been a long time, wanna see my bedroom?” haha