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QT Already Flying to Berlin

I found this little blurb on line that QT couldn’t attend Castellari’s birthday party on Tuesday since he was flying to Berlin. If he’s already going overseas two months before shooting starts they may actually finish this movie in a year or so.

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Good to see progress.

He looks good for 70.

Happy Birthday Il Maestro!!

Great news to hear QT is setting up shop in Berlin already. Ol Sebber might get lucky and get to visit the set. Keep your fingers crossed!

I wonder where Leo’s name came from in the first place if QT had no intention of working with him.

Probably from people like us who bring up every name under the sun in speculation!

Yeah but Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were specifically picked out of every other actor out there. Kinda strange.

dicaprio was picked out by whom for what? all we had was rumors really…

but Svenson told me himself this was going down, and QT is in Berlin as we speak, I hope to hear more. I’ll ask Bo Svenson some questionsa bout this even and post it

Quentin Tarantino leaving the Borchardt restaurant on his way to his hotel at the Potzdamer Platz

Berlin, Germany - 31.07.08


He brought Harvey and Lawrence with him:

Wow, Quenin lost weight!


I meant to say Quentin - not his twin brother: Quenin. They sure look alike.

Bender looks like a serial rapist, and Weinstein must have heard the greatest joke of his life.

dicaprio was picked out by whom for what? all we had was rumors really…

Out of the hundreds of big actors out there we got Brad Pitt and Leo’s names mentioned. Why? Why not Brad Pitt and George Clooney?

The pic with Harvey laughing QT is saying: Wait til people see the big musical number in Bastards!

Its cool to see Lawrence there. When hes around you know QT is back in the game. Its funny, people look so abuzz in those pics. Like QT is Rocky getting ready for the big fight. :slight_smile:

Great shirt Q! 8)

yeah dig the shirt. Harvey’s in a good mood, that’s good, haha

Yeah Harv is laffin = good! Damn, still no casting news? I hope we get some soon!

Bout time Mr. Bender got back on board.

Oh yeah, I’d heard he was in Berlin yesterday. Good to see the Bend man there!

His shirt is too cool, next time I’m in Nashville I will get one.

His shirt is cool, but he’s always been a bad dresser. Always too big on top, haha.

Good to see he’s wearing cut, loose jeans too. Funnnk it out QT!

Here’ a paparazzi video of QT arriving in Berlin <LINK_TEXT text=“ … deosection”></LINK_TEXT>

and here’s his dinner yum

Haha, the Q is a vegetarian. Sucks for him. ;D

Everytime a reporter talks to him I keep expecting him to slap the camera or start spitting. lol.

those paps are weirds. who’s waiting at the airport to film someone coming out? get a life… haha and those stupid questions! if you’re a serious journalist or something do your fucking homework and google that shit “what are you doing in berlin”, how about “what the fuck are you doing in this job you stupid paparazzi”? I’d get so pissed at those amateurs. it’s not like it requires lots of education and study to be a papparazzi, at least get the basic shit right…