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Q+U win Total Film Awards

A while ago I posted a poll where you could vote in the Readers Choice Awards of Total Film. It’s paid off, Quentin got Man Of The Year Award and Uma won WOman Of The Year Award! ;D

Sadly, Kill Bill lost out to LOTR. Daryl also lost as Best Villain, that went to Gerge W. Bush (seriously) ;D

Here’s some pics of the mag:

Hehe, good ol’ George.

Congrats to Quentin and Uma. I read the article when it came out; Quentin’s very enthusiastic about the readers, which I don’t notice about many directors.

It’s nice to see them recognised occasionally.

where can I read that article?

I bought the magazine, I can’t find it online but I can attempt to scan it onto my computer if you like.

Over at Hanzo’s bar, if you look under the same topic in the Hanzo’s bar thread, a poster called Uma Thurman has expanded the scans so you can read them clearly.

here is what i found at, formerly known as

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 098923.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 098952.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

Other Winners:

Child Performance of the year: Emma Watson

Best Villain: George W Bush

Best movie animal: Puss-In-Boots

Gem of the year: American Splendor

Funniest Scene: Zombie Smackdown (Shaun of the dead)

Best Movie Snakc: Popcorn

Best chemistry: Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson

Essential Soundtrack: Eternal Sunshine OTSM

Essential Telly DVD: The Office series 2

Total Film Innovation Award: Orange Wednesdays

Best Director: Sam Raimi

Breakout Star: Will Ferrell

Best Movie Death: Gollum

Best Movie: LotR Return of the King

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ithsig.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ithsig.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

You’re welcome

Way cool

George Bush beat Elle Driver to Villain! ::slight_smile: who the fuck votes for these stupid awards



Yeh seen as it’s a British magazine



Fuck, is that the front cover, I am definatley getting this tomorrow now!!!

Wait a minute. That’s the same cover that Rolling Stone used on their issue about Ume and QT last May.

Wait a minute. That’s the same cover that Rolling Stone used on their issue about Ume and QT last May.

Yes it is, and I really wanted that one, but seen as I can’t get that, I can make do with this one instead!

god damn! Q looks realy unhappy. ???

bad that KB didn’n win best movie…much better then LOTR.

Where does he look unhappy?

Anyways, I just got the magazine, and the front cover fuckin rocks. There is another good pic of QT inside holding a Japanese/Chinese newspaper. There is also another one in the format as that Uma one posted above, where QT got Man Of The Year and he looks really scruffy.

mean here…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 098952.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

doesn’s seam so goddamn happy!

Quentin frequently looks miserable on pictures. When there is so many cameras in his face, you can not expect him to have that daft grin on his face