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Q.t.'s way cool cantina

…dusk till dawn was a total party movie - grab your pizza and beer and chicks, we’re heading down to the titty twister for some good ol’ vampire mayhem. the bar in death proof is equally comfortable, yet in a more relaxed way. a cool place to hang out. q.t. does bars like no other. tonight we hang out in q.t.'s austin, texas hot spot. hey there’s a celebrity. it’s kurt russell! wasn’t he in carpenter’s the thing?! instead the whole show takes place in that wonderful austin bar. another celebrity shows up. it’s burt reynolds!!! there’s some kind of altercation between russel and reynolds and there’s a knife fight. the winner gets a lap dance with jungle julia…

what is this

Yeah. Creeping me out a bit now.

Sorry, but could you post something that doesn’t make me want to slap you?

Geoi, you’re such a charming gal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, who says way cool these days? are you stuck in the 60’s or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! That’s totally what I was going for. Charming. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna know what postmaster.general is smoking.

eating, drinking, snorting, smoking, fucking, sucking…is this what its all about Manny? :slight_smile:

we’ll see what he sais. he did of course receive a warning. and these spam topics will be gone as soon as me or a moderator find the time to delete them

I asked the guy: Is this the My Oh My? He said: Its QTs Funky Cold Cantina…