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Q.T. questionaire

Hi guys I’m doing some research on the fandom surrounding Quentin Tarantino for my film studies project and I’d greatly appreciate it if as many people as possible on the forum answered the following in this questionaire.

Your answer can be in the form of a “yes” or a “no” to some questions but it would be cool and helpful if you could write a few sentances in response. Each question is numbered so that when you reply just put for example; “A3…” (meaning answer to question 3) to the question your answering and your answer next to it. Also it would help me greatly if you guys could try and answer all of the questions or at least most of them. I hope you guys have fun answering this: :smiley:

  1. Do you consider yourself a hardcore fan of Quentin Tarantino and his films?

  2. Do you visit other websites concerning Q.T and/or his films?

  3. Do you always purchase the films he’s involved in to support him even if he only acts in them or ‘presents’ them (e.g. ‘Hostel’, ‘From dusk till dawn’ etc.)?

  4. Are you proud of your fandom?

  5. Do you ever attend conventions concerning Tarantino and/or his films?

  6. Do you believe that you, as a fan can affect the final product of some or all of Quentin’s films?

  7. Do you feel that as a fan, you have more insight into Quentin Tarantino’s style than non-fans whilst viewing his films?

  8. Do you feel that Q.T. fandom is something that is slightly looked down upon by casual viewers?

  9. What is your attitude towards casual viewers of his films? Do you feel Tarantino’s films are directed more to you as a fan, rather than a wide general audience?

  10. Do you ever go to special cinema screenings/festivals to do with Q.T films?

  11. Do you feel that casual viewers are missing out vital cinema experiences and friends through their non-fandom?

  12. Do you usually buy into all of the merchandising products to do with Tarantino and his films?

  13. Do you ever disagree with film critics/reviewers in relation to their reviews on Quentin Tarantino’s film/s?

  14. Would you rate him greater than any other director there is or was and why?

  15. What are your feelings on Q.T. directing ‘Death Proof’ in the ‘Grindhouse’ double feature and do you think the mainstream audience will understand it in terms of style and it’s double featured structure?

Who’s Quentin Tarantino?

A: Yes.

You guys aren’t nice, but I’m gonna answer honestly

  1. no
  2. no, but to this day I’m updating the french pages on Wikipedia that talk about him or his films
  3. no, only the one he directed (I bought the CE for Resdogs, JB and both KB before I say the movies)
  4. In a way
  5. no
  6. I believe the final product can affect me, I doubt I can play any role on the final product
  7. Definitely
  8. Dunno
  9. I guess casusal viewers become fans if the film was directed to them (so they liked it). If they’re just casual viewers who didn’t like the film they can go to hell and if they liked it enough to become fans I don’t judge them as casual viewers
  10. Never had a chance but I’d love to
  11. If they’re not fan it’s up to them, and I know I’m probably missing lots of stuff by not being fan of it but it dont matters
  12. Not all of it, but yeah it’s always a pleasure to me to buy a cool poster or something…I’d love to get the BMF wallet for my birthday!
  13. Yeah on french sites I’ve read a lot of bullshit
  14. Greater than Sergio Leone, but not by much. They both are geniuses, but different kind of geniuses
  15. Dunno

    Good luck for your film study project!

I’ll do it to…


2.Yes(Grindhouse forum and some more movie forums that talk about QT from time to time)


4.Yeah I guess



7.Oh yes!

8.Yes. I was on another forum and they were saying how much Grindhouse will “suck”.

9.I feel his films are more for the film geek audience.

10.No but I would love to go if I ever get the chance.

11.Yes, Im sure alot of people are missing out on some unknown directors.


13.Well there will always be that one asshole.

14.Yes. Like I said his movies are for film geeks, so when watching his movies its like watching all of your favorite movies put into one.

15.I dont think all audiences will understand it(no one even knows what Grindhouse means where I live)

Do you believe that you, as a fan can affect the final product of some or all of Quentin’s films?

…what kind of stupid fucking question is that?

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Only FDTD.

4. Yes

5. No

7. Probably

8. Who knows what mainstreamer nubs think.

9. They target film geeks.

10. No

11. Yes

12. Sometimes

13. Yes

14. No, there are better directors, but he’s still great.

15. I think mainstreamers see a trailer for Grindhouse and say it is ‘lame’. A bunch of people I know have just called it ‘lame’ and ‘uncool.’ They’re nubs…

=> do you believe that you, as a fan can affect the final product?

that’s actually a weird question

I said no, me said no, Kilgore said it was a fucking question and Jack Rabbit Slim skipped it

so dear Slashville, you ought to explain us what you mean by that cuz I’m not sure anymore

What I mean by question 6 is that if the fans could have or may have influenced any of Tarantino’s decisions such as through the scripts he write, and the reason why I asked this question even though it may sound weird is because some other fan groups in some occasions have influenced what’s happened in a film, such as the ‘Snakes on a Plane’ film where fans of the hype surrounding it write certain scenes that actually went into the film. Or another example where fans effected a film is when Star Wars fans disliked of Jar Jar Binks character in Eisode 1 so much that it led George Lucas to not have this character in the rest of the prequel trilogy. So really if I restate the question to this:

Do you think Quentin Tarantino has responded in the past or present to the fanbase’s like or dislike of something through his script writing or his plans of going ahead with any films because of what type of things that the fans may want to see from his continuing work?

(Of course the complete opposite of this is when film producers like Michael Bay decide to remake certain classic films against the fans approval of it, such as all the horror remakes that most 70s/80’s horror fans are against.)

Please don’t compare the work of QT to “snakes on a plane” or Jar Jar Binks…ever again!

No they are just examples of where it has happened not comparisons to demean Tarantino in any way.

Another example would be Rob Zombie’s decision to cast cult and B movie actors in the Halloween remake because he thinks that the fans will like that.