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Q.T. Owes Us An Full-Length Extended DVD Version -- FAST!

. . . if you’ve read the script you know that quentin cut out a lot of material for the final version, some of which was filmed. it’s outrageous that this missing material isn’t included on the dvd release. quentin should know his army of fans would die for this material. he does know. of course he does. he was a fan himself once. so why playing with us like this? to tease us with an abbreviated clip of the bo svenson scene is downright cruel. and the dvd wasn’t cheap – a thirty buck hit at walmart. so where’s the rest of the picture? a quirky movie like death proof is one thing, but a classic like inglourious bastards DEMANDS that all of the missing scenes be inluded, no matter what the quality, even if they haven’t been “processed” properly. how long did it take to get a final cut of apocalypse now? too long. we better not have to wait that long. we’re waiting . . .

Yes, Quentin Tarantino definitely OWES us something. ::slight_smile:

[quote=“Ify”]Yes, Quentin Tarantino definitely OWES us something. ::slight_smile:[/quote]

:smiley: :smiley:

But it would be nice to see all the other stuff that was cut out of the movie.

We are also waiting for Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair, though… :slight_smile:

I know I felt quite fucked off when I busted open my DVD and the bonus features were lacking. Like homeboy said, it was nearly $30 for a regular DVD at Wal-Mart. I guess I’m spoiled because I’m used to getting so much more from every other DVD that price. Like, you know, a Robert Rodriguez DVD is always fucking awesome.

But yes, I’m still really fucking happy to have it. I just wish that Donny’s Boston scenes were in there, because we know he shot them. I loved that part of the script.

What they’ve done here is put the extras on the Blu Ray and not the DVD to push people towards buying the BD version. It’s a bit nifty, but if you have a BD player it’s definitely worth getting the High Definition version.

You don’t have any more extras than we do, do you?