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Puppet Master Series

DOes anyone else love this series and fullmoon? any thoughts or facts about the movies?

here are a few trailers 1-5 the better one in the series although i liked curse too.]]

I love Puppet Master!!

Some time ago, i got me one of those rare Box Sets on ebay

Except for 6 ane 7 they are all good.

I haven’t seen "Puppet Master The Legacy"

Here in Europe, it’s very hard to get your hands on Full Moon releases, as most of them were made for the US DTV market.

I’d love to see Head of the Family, Shrunken Heads, Subspecies, and the Trancers series.

yeaa i own all the puppet master movies on dvd and vhs i got the boxset. I seen head of the family it was pretyy good but i never seen but heard of many times the others you listed. And puppet master the legacy is a waste of money its about 3 minuates of new footage with the rest of the footige being flash backs to other film. LEgacy is pretty cool if you would like to see how the order of the series goes. Any one like demonic toys also a great killer dolls flick from fullmoon.

[quote=“Jjp”]Any one like demonic toys also a great killer dolls flick from fullmoon.

again, me! ;D

they actually released “Demonic Toys” (great!) and “Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys” (pretty awful) in german speaking countries, so i got them both.

yeah i heard that about the legacy mostly just being old footage, but i also read that theres gonna be a new puppet master movie from full moon. :slight_smile:

yea hopefully they put a new one out but puppet master vs. demonic toys gets better with more watches i seen it the first time nd thought it was really bad and then i seen it another time on scifi and liked it a lil more then i bought it on dvd when it first came out nd thought that it wasent that bad.