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Pulp on IFC

Watch the Independent Film Channel now, and you may see what is the single greatest and most envisioning of Tarantinno’s artistic vision trailer for Pulp. It’s gonna run all night sometime next month.

Can you repeat that more clearly? I do not understand at all what you wrote.

Watch IFC because they are showing the trailer for PF?

sorry, i was tired as hell when I wrote that. On IFC, they’re showing Pulp Fiction all night some time this month (June). They put this trailer together that’s absolutely phenomenal, and you should check it out, plus watch PF on telly just because you can.

I find it more exciting when a movie is on tv. Like I could just pop in the DVD but it just feels cooler when I don’t have to. Anyone else get that?

Yeah. It’s like you’re obligated to watch the movie once you stick in the dvd player, but when it’s on tv everything’s spontaneous and it feels like you’re watching it with a group of people

Hmm I’ve seen PF only like 2-3 times on TV, and everytime that I start watching it, I have to watch it until the end (don’t know why)… same thing happens to me while watching The Fifth Element (fuck knows why!!)

That trailer sounds pretty cool. I think I might have seen it after watching the closing ceremonies of Cannes. I remember something coming on about Pulp Fiction but I wasn’t paying attention. I thing it was the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene when Mia talks about uncomfortable silences.

It really makes no difference to me whether a film is on tv or not. I prefer the quality of a dvd. Or even better, film.

The one thing I love about IFC and TCM is that they show movies uncut and in their original aspect ratios. It’d be awesome if HBO and every other cable channel started doing that. I think any messing around with the director’s vision should be made illegal.