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Pulp Fiction UK censored?

From what I’ve been reading on the net the first version of Pulp Fiction on Uk dvd was censored.The shot of the needle entering Travolta’s skin was reframed.

I’m wondering if the UK /zone 2 Special Edition also is censored like this.

this is an issue with british law where it is forbidden to show drug use or something.

the dvd is not censored, its manipulated. on that shot, they kinda zoom in, or pan, so you dont see the stuff. maybe the movie even gets longer with that.

I’m from the UK and sitting here withe DVD case in my hand this is what I see:

2 Disc Collector’s Edition


Certificate: 18 (Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over)

Language: Frequent, Strong

Sex/Nudity: Infrequent, Strong

Violence: Some, Strong

Other: Hard drug use

Running Time:148 mins (is it different on the continent or accross the pond?)

Anything different where you come from?

to clarify that once and final:

There is NO cut version of Pulp Fiction.

THE SOLE DIFFERENCE with the UK version is, that the scene where Vince shoots his heroin, is re-framed to the left or right, so that you can’t see the needle penetrating his arm.