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Pulp Fiction shirts



There is a shirt I saw in Hot Topic a while ago that I should have gotten but I didn’t at the time for some reason. It has a cartoonish looking images of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson on it. Is there anywhere I can find these shirts?? Thanks.


it also has the a partial quote of ezekiel 25:17 on the back. it was a like a the gift your parents wait to give to that says ‘santa’ on it on christmas day…i don’t know where else you can get them…cause hot topic is where i got mine so as far as i’m concerned you’re s.o.l…


I´ve got this black shirt with jules and vincent on it in red, and also eziekiel 25:17 on it…also in red…I got it on but in the actual store, not on the net


Hi all

Just stumbled across this post and thought I would post a link to our Pulp Fiction T shirts

Coolidge Watch Co:

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Foot Massage Parlour:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-parlour/”></LINK_TEXT>

Fox Force 5:

We also had a Zed’s Pawn shop T Shirt but that has now sold out as all our T shirts are Ltd to 150 prints only.