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Pulp Fiction reference in Little Nicky

remember when Jules is and Vincent are in the restraunt and they’re talking about GOD, “maybe he found my keys, or TURNED COKE TO PEPSI”… something along those lines… anyways, whats the first thing Nicky does with his evil powers??? Turns coke into pepsi… maybe there’s some symbolic meaning in that.

You do know who played Deacon, the blind preacher, right? :wink:

oh yeah I know that… I’m just pointing out the fact that he probably had more to do with the movie than a cameo

If Tarantino had anything to do with the writing, Little Nicky would’ve turned into a better film and not a shit fest.

Little Nicky rocked. It’s a cult classic and Tarantino knew it! That’s why he wanted a cameo in it.

I have to say Little Nicky is better than some of Sandler’s other movies. Patricia Arquette and Harvey Keitel are in it too so there’s some more references for you. But yeah, the movie could’ve used some work.

Tarantino did do rewrites for the movie, he didn’t write it, but worked on the multiple drafts

I think that Little Nicky is a really good movie and even my mother(who hates Adam Sandler-movies) liked it!