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Pulp Fiction Part Deux: QT speaks in New Zealand

Looks like fan boys may get what they asked for

from Pulp Fiction 2: Quentin Tarantino gave an interview to New Zealand’s Aotearoa News to promote “Kill Bill” and was asked about the status of the Vega Bros. movie which appeared dead after comments by Michael Madsen in July but may not be after all - “That’s something I always planned on doing, but other projects took precedence. Ten years on , John Travolta’s getting older, Michael’s getting older. I don’t think they’d even want to do it. Not that that’s the last hope audiences have of seeing more of Vic or Vincent Vega. There’s an idea I have a Pulp Fiction follow-up. Sequels generally suck, so it’s nothing I want to rush into. But Bottom line the studio wants it, the fans want it. I’m sure I can compromise somewhere. It’d be my way of apologizing for never getting Vega Brothers off the ground I guess. That way, we could get John, we could get Michael, and we could get Sam and Tim…everyone back. It would be interesting to see whatever happened to Jules and his plans to ‘walk the earth’. Hey, just having Michael and John in the same frame would be great. They’re great. But that said, I got to write such a thing”. QT is confirmed next to do the WW2 flick “Inglorious Bastards” and a potential “Kill Bill” prequel

Fuck this. Bring on Inglorious Bastards!

i seriously hope he moves on and works on new things

and not dwell on the success of pulp fiction

I don’t think it’s him dwelling on it as much as Madsen and possibly Travolta as well as the studios - this is the closest thing he’s said to doing it and it looks like he probably will grudgingly at least pen the script

well,… here’s what I read out of this:


  • [*]He's basically SAYING NO to the Vega Brothers ONCE AGAIN
  • [*]He's more into putting Jules into a movie, not Travolta...
  • [*]He's all talking hypothetically... so FUCK IT!
  • [/list]

    just forget the fucking stuff…

    …the fact that he’s doing Inglorious bastards next will mean, by the time he gets around to doing this pulp fiction spinoff (or whatever you want to call it), the whole cast will be another ten years older. My opinion: don’t want it, don’t need it.

    Can’t wait to see his war epic though. The academy love their war movies, so we might see QT back in the oscar spotlight if KB doesn’t get there. Anyway i’m getting ahead of myself. Haven’t even seen Vol. 1 yet, let alone Vol. 2…

    That sounds pretty cool. Maybe QT will take a cue from Sergio Leone and cast Michael Madsen and John Travolta not as the Vega Bros, but as completely new characters that Jules encounters on his travels…ala Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volonte, etc. in the Fistfull of Dollars trilogy. That would be just plain awesome if that could ever happen.

    I’m looking forward to Inglorious Bastards more, but the idea of seeing Sam Jackson and Travolta reunited on screen again (even if he’s playing an entirely different char) along with Madsen and possibly even Keitel and/or Thurman again would be great.

    Glorious Bastards /w Michael M…it’s still about the following…

    G. Bastards will be a World War II film following a group of American soldiers about to be executed by the Nazis but offered a reprieve… ???

    …only HE knows. I prefer this one. Let PulpF be PF. No need for a pre- or sequel. I’m sure there are many other ideas in HIS head.

    doesn’t he realized that vic and vincent are dead? that they can’t be in a sequel?

    Which is why the Vega Bros. movie was originally going to be a PREQUEL, but Madsen and Travolta were too old to play younger versions of their characters

    [quote]doesn’t he realized that vic and vincent are dead?  that they can’t be in a sequel?[/quote]

    Nobody talks of a sequel with these 2 guys. There are still other characters, like Quentin described in the interview above…

    i dont know if it would be a good idea i mean nuthin can beat the orignal pulp fiction if he did make it i sure as hell would see it but meh