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Pulp Fiction original draft rumor

Is it true that the original draft of Pulp Fiction was something like 800 pages long? :o :slight_smile:

800 pages??? wow, well i don’t know, it was definitely longer than the script that is floating around (which has all the deleted scenes in it).

i once read a biography there it said:

it was once a 500-page manuscript (felt pens and all).

To my understanding, Pulp Fiction was originaly known as “Pandemonium Reigns” you can read an original draft of “The Gold Watch” on Roger Avary’s official page, (You can link to it in the “Friends and Collegues” section…anyway…I remember reading somewhere that NAtural Born Killers, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction made up ONE story…so eight hundred pages can make sense…that’s alos why names circulate through his films, "Vega, Alabama, ect.“

True Romance was originaly gonna lead into Natural Born Killers…

The three stories were originaly gonna be directed by three different people; Quentin, Avary, and someone else…

Eventually they were changed and seperated in order for Reservoir Dogs to be created (Financing by selling NAtural Born Killers and True Romance”

This seems to be an interesting way of working for QT. Apparently he pours everything he has into one huge, long-ass screenplay and then sorts things out, often for more than one movie. It’s like a huge mass of raw material from which he extracts the final product, fine-tuning it all the way. You get the feeling that he along the way discards some things while having on-set inspirations for new things. “Pulp Fiction” had that feel to it, and the screenplay of “Kill Bill” also has it.

I looked on Roger’s site but couldn’t find the draft of “The Gold Watch”. Could someone tell me where it is?

For the original Pawn Shop rape scene go to “The Skinny” section…on the homepage I think it’s on the TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE. Go down till you see, in BOLD BLACK, Pandemonium reigns, (it’s maybe half way down the page) Then at the end of the “skinny” of Pandemonium reigns should be a link something like, “Click Here” That should take you to it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire Pandemonium Reigns script somehow. I think it would be interesting to see how things were in the beginning, and just what the script was made up of. I’ve been hearing it was Pulp, Dogs, and True Romance. That is was Pulp, Dogs, NBK, and True Romance. That it was mostly Pulp and the foundations for the other movies. So it’d be nice to see it somehow, someway.

What other seens were there in the script that wasen’t in the movie?

if you buy the script at amazon (please use one of my links at :wink: then you’ll have a script in your hands that includes the deleted scenes (also on the new dvd).

for example a scene with Monster Joe