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Pulp Fiction is about food

Has anyone noticed this. That pf is about food. I’m not kidding. First scene we’re in a RESTAURAUNT and she gets a refill of COFFEE. They talk about DENVER OMELETS. They’re names are “PUMPKIN” and “HONEYBUNNY.” Then Vince tells Jules about MCDONALDS in Amsterdam. They try Brett’s BIG KAHUNA BURGER. Jules drinks from the TASTY BEVERAGE until we hear the slurping sound. He says that his girlfriend’s a vegetarian which pretty much makes him a VEGETARIAN. Then they have COFFEE at English Dave’s bar. Marsellus tells Butch that he is not like WINE, doesn’t age the same. Vince takes Mia to JACK RABBIT SLIMS. BLOODY AS HELL STEAK, FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE. Lance eats FRUIT BRUTE CEREAL in his home before Vince crashes in. Butch gets to his hotel room and Fabienne talks about POT BELLIES. The next morning she wants PANCAKES. Butch goes back to his apartment, after he gets his watch, he puts in some POP TARTS. On his way back, he sees Marcellus with COFFEE AND TERIYAKI DONUTS. At Jimmy’s house, Vince and Jules have the GOURMET COFFEE, so does THE WOLF. Then they goto have breakfast at the coffeeshop. VINCE LIKES BACON, BACON IS GOOD, PORKCHOPS ARE GOOD. Jules doesn’t EAT FILTHY ANIMALS, SWINE. He makes a very important life decision over a MUFFIN.

Oh, and the briefcase with a light that goes on everytime it opens…just like a refridgerator.

damn, that’s one of the best theories about pulp fiction ever!!!

That is fn hilarious! You got a point there Mike! lol.

Maybe Marcellus’ soul WASNT in the briefcase, maybe it was some rice krispy treats or Twinkies! :slight_smile:

hey toothpick, this is a tarantino forum and there are no kiddies in here.

i especially removed all censoring-functions of this board.

i encourage you to write FUCKING instead of “fn”, alright, this board is NC-17 rated, alright?

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The reason i havent been writing any swears, is because the last time i did, the words changed from shit to “sheepdip” or something. You mustve had some thing on the forum that deleted swears and put in weird words instead.

But if its ok, Ill be saying lots of fuckin swears now! lol


well yeah, dude, that was back then when the swear-filter was still activate, as you posted that huge article.

but now say what you want, just don’t insult other people. of course when i say, you’re all a bunch of crazy sons of bitches it ain’t no goddamn insult, but ya know what i mean, right?

I’m glad you like the theory. Someone should run it by Quentin. Like Madonna told Quentin he was wrong about “Like a Virgin” Quentin might correct this theory.

As for the swearing filter on here, I goto this other forum that’s just like this and I once mentioned John and Joan’s father, Dick Cusack. Well when I posted, it said **** Cusack.

Has anyone seen the tv version of Pulp? I heard Quentin supervised the transfer. What I loved about it was that when Jules said “You aint gonna do a goddamn motherfuckin thang” on tv he says “You aint gonna do a goddarn unauthorized thing.” Unauthorized replaced motherfuckin. I love that. Only quentin could think of that. Also, I like how when they call people motherfucker directly, on tv they say “my friend.” It’s still M-F but they totally change the meaning. But we adults know what they really mean.

In addition to the food theory, has anyone noticed that alot of people spend time in the bathroom in pulp.

First scene with pumpkin and honeybunny, if you look hard in the background, you can see Vince goto the bathroom. This is a shot of Amanda Plummer and Vince is in the b.g. on her left. You can’t tell its Vince except for his huge white t-shirt. Okay, when Jules and Vince are in Brett’s apartment, the fourth man “Seinfeld” is in the bathroom. I think the actor is Alexis Arquette.

This has nothing to do with bathrooms but its Butch that keys Vince’s car, right?

Then, in Jack Rabbit Slims, Mia goes to the bathroom, snorts her coke, says "I said Goddamn!"

Then when they get to her place, as she snorts the heroin on the table, Vince talks to himself in the bathroom. He has a one sided conversation with the mirror and talks himself outta fucking Mia.

Then Butch teaches Fabienne some spanish in the bathroom, calls her a Mongoloid.

At Butch’s place, Vince is in the bathroom. He dies like a true Elvis man, on the toilet.

Then we’re back to Vince and Jules in Brett’s apartment where we actually see the fourth man this time and see him get blown away.

Then when they’re at Jimmy’s, Jules and Vince wash their hand’s in his bathroom. He should’a had Lava. Vince leaves one of his towels looking like a goddamn mutherfuckin maxi pad.

Then they’re at the restauraunt, Vince reads Modesty Blaise sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, missing out on some of the action.

Maybe since the movie is about food, its natural “cause and effect” storytelling to write about what happens to the food. What do you think?

Oh, about Butch keying Vince’s malibu. Quentin confirmed it that Butch was indeed the guy who keyed it. The only thing is that when they arrive at English Dave’s bar, they’re still in t shirt and short uniform so maybe they didn’t come in Vince’s car. And its at the bar that Butch must’ve keyed the Malibu, after their fierce staring contest. So maybe after the restauraunt, they take the cab to Vince’s Malibu and that’s how Vince and Jules get to the bar. Just an idea.

I have a HUGE list of all the “easter eggs” in Pulp Fiction. But Im not gonna list them all, too much stuff.

Yeah every time something bad happens, Vince is in the bathroom:

  • Mia overdoses
  • Butch goes into his apt and gets the Uzi and kills Vincent.
  • When Jules gets into the situation with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin.

    Butch IS the one who keys Vincents car. It only makes sense.

    Id say you are right, at the very end of the film, Jules and Vincent must leave the diner and either walk to Marcellus’ Bar or take a cab.

    I havent seen Pulp on TV many times, maybe twice since it came out. I cant really remember what they used as overdubbing for the swears. But I like the “unauthorized” word. Pretty cool.

Okay, so Butch did key Vince’s Malibu. But it had to take place at the bar. This isn’t explained but good movies like this usually have fans fill in the gaps.

I don’t think they took a cab or walked to the bar. They went to Vince’s Malibu first then to the bar. Cause the Malibu has to be there for Butch to key it.

I woulda loved to see Jules sitting in the passenger seat of that red car.

Well, maybe Jules and Vincent took a cab or walked to Vincents apartment, then drove to the bar in Vincents car. That makes more sense.

Cool point about the food and bathrooms Mike!!

It does definately make more sense that they took Vincent’s car to go to the bar than a cab.

A scene with Jules in the back of that car would have been excellent!

The only time Butch meets Vincents exept for the bathroom killing scene was in the bar so there Butch must have keyed the car.


Has anyone heard about this? Sam Jackson is doing some commercials for some sports thing where he reenacts characters he’s done before and there’s suppose to be this commercial with him as Jules!

that’s in the news from May-23-02.

OH MY GOD!!! I now know what was in the case in PF. It was an ultra large Big Kahuna burger made specially for Marsellus Wallace. The cheese was the thing that made the glow. Wow, PF is about food after all.

No. There were not Giant Royale in that suitcase. It was Mia Wallaces nude pictures. Think about it. Of course, Marsellus would want them back. But that`s not all. I bet that Q too wants to see those pics. Just like everybody else here. ;D

I just joined the forum a few days ago, and dammit< I wished I would have found it sooner. Mike that is one hell of an explanation, you a bad motherfucker.

Indeed! This compa Mike is really smart!

I do like his theory.


[quote]hey toothpick, this is a tarantino forum and there are no kiddies in here.

i especially removed all censoring-functions of this board.

i encourage you to write FUCKING instead of “fn”, alright, this board is NC-17 rated, alright?

;D fuckin’ A  8)[/quote]

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!

Feels good to let it all hang out!! ;D