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Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds...with bunnies

yea i seen this a while back there is a reservoir dogs one too the reservoir dogs one is funnier although this one is funny too.


the res dogs one is way funnier, but the pulp one is a great piece of work though

what the goddamn fuckin’ fuck are they waiting to make kill bill and death proof?

the rocky one is pretty good too.

There is a hread already made about this… I can’t wait to see Kill Bill in 30 seconds though.

This is old shit…

This is old shit…

yea i know…someone should move these posts to the old topic


That was great!!

Can we get some links to these others??

Just go to

yea i know…someone should move these posts to the old topic


fuck no!

then newbies wouldn’t get a chance to find these videos, and this kind of stuff don’t get old with time!

I’ll apreciate it as long as I’ll like the original movies, which probably means a reaaaaal long time!

yea but newbies would find it because it woulde set as a new post on the other topic.

;D ;D

WOW. I’m fuckin speechless…that was awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

a screenshot, I could have made 50 cuz there would all have been great…

The Eric Stoltz part is the best bit

harvey keitel part too it funny.

marcellus kills them all!