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'Pulp Fiction - a cult movie?'

What do a drug addict, a foot fetishist and a vegetarian have in common?

This is just one of the questions I tried to answer in my research paper “Pulp Fiction - a cult movie?”. I’m about to graduate in school and I had to write this paper as a homework for my English class, as such an essay is part of the school leaving exams here in Germany (That’s were I come from).

I began with a definition of the term ‘cult movie’ and then tried to give an overview over the things that make Pulp Fiction so special. My teacher liked it, but she doesn’t really have a clue about the movie itself. So I decided to try to get some opinions from people that know some more about Pulp Fiction than she does.

I would really appreciate it, if you could take a look at it and tell me your opinion. I know it is very long, but maybe some of you are so kind to take the time.

“Pulp Fiction - a cult movie?” can be found here:

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(just click the underlined download-link)

Greetings from Germany,


thank you for providing this research paper, Sven.

Nice one. You should post here more often:))) and if u want an answer - yes PF is ‘cult movie’

Read it completely, too. Nice, but now real news for QT fans :wink:

[quote]You should post here more often:)))[/quote]
I wish I could, but as you can see from the fact that it took me so long to post here again, I’m not able to spend so much time online. Anyway, I liked what I read in this forum so far and I’ll try to post here again in the future.

[quote]Nice, but now real news for QT fans[/quote]
That’s true, but it’s really hard to tell the real Tarantino fans something they don’t already know. The facts I mentioned are just some sort of my personal ‘best-of’ to give newbies an overview over the specialities of QT’s masterpiece. If I tried to put all the information I found in this text, it would have been a book, not a research paper.

Greetings :slight_smile:,


Thats sure is!!!

yep it definately is: so many quotable lines, the iconic dance sequence! legendary.

its not really cult movies its that being a quentin fan is like a cult you can always tell a fellow tarantino addict

I wouldnt call it a cult movie,even though PF does have a shitload of fans.But cult movies are not as well known as PF.

I think PF is definitely a cult movie. Anytime a movie has dialogue people recite by heart, has fans who dress up like the characters at parties/screenings and have musicians who base their act on the songs of the movie, its a cult film.

I love Cults

Whos bustin out the kool-aide?