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Primetime Monday

Hello all. I’m new here, but I have been waiting for Kill Bill since January. Anyway, Quentin is going to be on Primetime Monday this Monday 9-22 at 8 pm. Just letting you know!


whats Primetime Monday?

Primetime Monday is a show on ABC that covers news stories and has celebrity interviews as well. Quentin will be interviewed about kill bill on this Mondays show on whatever channel ABC is near you, at 8 pm.


somebody needs to put that on the net! I sure hope someone’s gonna do that

Thanks for the heads up michelle. I set the VCR to tape it a minute ago. It’s on 10pm pacific time, btw.

7pm central time?

Dammit! I missed it! It wasn’t on at 8 so I just figured it wasn’t coming on.

Did anybody see it?

[quote]Dammit! I missed it! It wasn’t on at 8 so I just figured it wasn’t coming on.

Did anybody see it?[/quote]
Is it monday where you live?

its still Sunday here

Oh! Monday! Right! :-[

Hehe! I was only fooling! Ah, but that means it’s gonna be when the Raiders play.

LOL :smiley:

YES! I was at the bar in Islands (It’s a restaurant) and my friend pointed at one of the tv’s and was like “HOLY SHIT” i looked at the tv and caught a quick glimps of QT and Kill Bill stuff. it was on ABC and i have been trying to figure out what it was advertising ever since. NOW I KNOW. THANKS!!! :wink:

Damn! I may miss it, I saw a glimpse of the commercial for it on TV but in my area there’s some fucking football game on at 8. Of course I came here to find out about it becuase there’s no profile of it at the ABC website. bastards. fucking football. >:(

Yeah, there’s a football game on for me too :frowning:

Whoa, whoa, time out Green Bay. Sell that fucking shit to the tourists. ARE YOU FUCKING TELLING ME THAT IT WON’T SHOW BECAUSE OF THE MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL??? That’s crap!

In different places it’s playing at different times. It might be after the football game. Or (brace yourselves) it might not! :’( That would be sad.

Ok, I just checked the ABC Site, and there is no Primetime Monday. The show doesn’t exist. Are you sure it isn’t Primetime Thursday?

The east coasters get to see it I think.

8/7c Primetime Monday

9/8c Monday Night Football - Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos

But us on the west coast are probably out of luck because MNF starts at 6. And the local news is on at 5. :frowning:

Okay, never mind. I checked my tv listings, it turns out Primetime Monday does show, right before football. YES!!

… and just when i thought we had every US show over here…

we don’t have primetime monday…

Where’s american television when you need it eh? ;D