Presenting: Furious Cinema

Yeah we sometimes invent new websites and then without a business plan, a clear strategy or any great idea at all we go for it and while doing so, we do something good for the films that are overlooked, neglected, mistreated or not appreciated enough…

So… from the people who started (which will be 10 years old in 6 weeks); from the people who brought you; from the people behind

comes… a blog that is mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore… about film with an edge. Ladies and gents, enjoy reading, bookmarking rss-subscribing, facebook-liking and twitter-following:


Oh! Sounds nice! ;D I’m in.

Right on, it’s going on the bookmarks bar.

I was hoping you’re putting it into your wank bank, but okay :smiley:


I want a blog post by crazy kenneth there. wanna be guest author? please?

sure, I’d be happy to :slight_smile:

cool, send something over when you can. movie review, blog post rant, video contribution, anything

I subscribed to the RSS feed.

yay! more cool shit to come<

today: pete’s top 10 westerns
tomorrow: my top 10 modern westerns

and more wild, furious, mad as hell shit! finest movie talk ! no mooks

We hope that some of the QTA forum community will contribute reviews/articles etc on flix that you love. And If you want to be on the staff, let us know!

One thing I was talking to Seb about was since we have The Deuce and the SWDB, theres no point in covering those types of films on FC too. I thought making it more about the mainstream/arthouse/indie side of movies would just make more sense. So each branch of the 3FF will celebrate/cover all kinds of film equally.

The Deuce is still going strong and its become a really successful project. Ive learned a lot about that kind of cinema over the last 3 years. Im proud it became a favorite for online peeps. Thanks to everyone who’s supported it! Its a lot of fun.

Again, we invite everyone whos interested to get involved with FC. This is gonna be the other movie project we always wanted to do but never got around to it.



will have my Walter Hill post finished by tonight…


Furious Cinema is one year old! Happy Birthday!

Hey @Pete look what I found. Our announcement from way back then :wink: Boy has it been that long? Still alive and kicking…

almost 8 years of Fury! time flies! :slight_smile:

Here are a few shopping ideas from FC for the season…

And we started a podcast!

And we are back with a 2nd episode!