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Post your script/movie ideas here


Of course you should. It’s hard to judge a story’s worth when it’s still just an idea, even as the writer. I’ve been writing a virtual series for a few months now and every time I have to map out an episode each scene feels like it’s gonna be crap or the over all script isn’t gonna be long enough. But as soon as I start writing the dialogue and really get into “fleshing scenes out” somehow things just come to life in a way I’d never expected.

I hate that feeling. Happened twice last time I wrote a screenplay (the one I submitted to Sundance, I find out Aug. 3!) and they both happened at the end. It was terrible. Then I quickly forgot it when I read some of the shit.


Korea vs. Japan in cultural gang conflict, feat. Hyosung riding, sacred Sainchamsageom wielding, Endangered Farang knights Vs. Kawasaki riding, Katana wielding, last of the Samurai. Old boy meets Kill Bill 2.


I’m 80 pages (about a third) into a straight up gangster film, but I’m also planning a film about a group of childhood friends who are all sent to Vietnam, go their separate ways, but meet again on a certain-death mission.

P.S. Sorry if I’m gravedigging. I’m new, and I didn’t see anything prohibiting it.


80 pages? If you are formatting the screenplay correctly, it should translate to 1 page for 1 minute of screen time. So you’ve already got 80 minutes. For a first time screenplay, you are usually looking for 90 to 100 pages. That’s going to be a long as hell movie if you’re only a third of the way through it.