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Post Your Desktop

Well I constantly change mine, but at the moment it looks like this…

i dont give a shit about my desktop…

At the moment:

I love my desktop!

how are you guys doing this?

To all who want to post ypur desktops.

  1. You can capture the image of your desktop by minimizing all the programs so that the desktop is clear and pressing PrintScreen on your keyboard. There should be that button.
  2. Then open Paint and Paste the image, it’s copied to clipboard. The Paint will draw the desktop.
  3. Save it as JPEG, you don’t need any great quality and the size will be MUCH smaller.
  4. Open page, there is a possibility to host any picture that has a filesize smaller than 1024 Kb.
  5. Then you’ll receive many adresses. The first one is for forums, the adress can be copied to your reply to the topic.

i think some still dont have windows xp. just a little thing: windows xp may suck balls but it is way better than any windows below it. :wink:

by the way: buono, having a small pic being texturized looks like shit. you should either center-align it or get a bigger one. what about those tits you have as avatar. does that exist in bigger size?

Can’t you use Print Screen in other Windows? I have XP, but I used a program, I think it is allowed to put a commercial for it here because it’s freeware. It’s called Spinel ScreenPik.

Am I the only one who doesn’t use Windows?

Uh, probably one of the few yeah

And why are your pictograms on the right… like Samuel is on… the right…



I never did understand why apple users use explorer.

Even I dont use Explorer anymore

explorer is overated

Actually, I don’t know. Sometimes I use Safari.

My pictograms are always on the right. And the wallpaper just looked better with Samuel on the right.

My wallpaper fuckin kicks ass

thanks a lot, Bleach, that was really easy :slight_smile: