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Possible inspiration for QT's Death Proof: Young Cycle Girls

possible inspiration for QT’s Death Proof…

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THE YOUNG CYCLE GIRLS (1977) is about three pretty high-school girls who hit the road on their motorbikes during Easter break to journey to California in order to see the Pacific Ocean. Along the way they encounter junkies, rapists, perverts, hippie leftovers and, most importantly, a weirdo who drives a black pickup truck that has a skull and crossbones painted on it. At the end, the three girls finally reach the ocean—and are promptly shot to death by the guy in the pickup. THE YOUNG CYCLE GIRLS is not a good movie, but it’s certainly a memorable one, and in the 20 years since my one and only viewing of it, I’ve more than once pondered the motivation of that creep in the skull-and-crossbones truck.

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The odyssey of three girls who set out on motor cycles from their Colorado town thinking, like Balboa, to see the Pacific Ocean. On the road, the three undergo numerous adventures involving dancing, drugs, bondage, and violation. They also have a vociferous disagreement with the driver of a pickup truck that has a skull painted on its door. When at last the three motorbike over a final dune and see the sea, someone unseen blows their brains out. As the catsup flows, we observe once more the sinister skull on the door of the truck. EASY RIDER (1969) it isn’t. Trashy, odoriferous garbage it is.

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Director: Peter Perry

Cast: Lorraine Ferris, Daphne Lawrence, Deborah Marcus, Lonnie Pense

Rating: R (Not For Children)

Review Summary

Three beautiful, free-spirited girls ride from Colorado to California by motorcycle, cavorting with the men they meet and ingesting controlled substances along the way. When they spot a body of water suitable for bathing, they take off all their clothes and go for a swim. Occasionally things are not so idyllic, and they are endangered by abusive or lustful men who see them on the road. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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The Young Cycle Girls

Teens ride motorcycles to California, stopping to skinny-dip and spray-paint their names on a rock.

* Directed by: Peter Perry

* Starring: Loraine Ferris, Daphne Lawrence | Full Cast & Crew

* Year: 1977

* MPAA Rating: R

* Genre: Adventure

* Running Time: 1:20

* Language: English

* Country: United States

* Color type: Color