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Plump Fiction

A friend of mine had this on dvd so I borrowed it from him. Plump Fiction, I guess is suppost to be funny, but I didn’t laugh once. Well, I didn’t even finish it because I fell asleep. I don’t think I’ll continue watching it though. I thought it may could’ve been funny, but I was wrong. And the whole NBK thing they were trying to parody - oh God…horrible

Jesus Christ, it’s bad. The saddest part is the fact Mr. Homer Simpson is playing some shotty Forrest Gump role.

it sucked man…dont watch it

i might’ve laughed for an accumulated 10 seconds during the whole movie… i was annoyed the other 89 minutes and 50 seconds, arrghh

Who made this movie, and why did they make it if it’s so bad?

i haven’t seen it but it sounds like a load of crap!

looks pretty fucking stupid


Canned food festival? Oh man, that’s so fuckin’ funny my stomach hurts!

The only good Pulp Fiction parody I’ve ever seen was that episode of the Simpsons where Snake (the convict) had just stolen a car, and ends up running into Police Chief Wiggum (who was coming out of a donut shop) at a red light. I never get tired of that sequence.

Is that the one where milhouse goes into the gun shop and his dad and Wiggim get tied up? Then milhouse saves them with a mase and chain. it was funny. I love the one on family guy where peter’s friends are tied up and he comes in with a huge knight’s sword and yells “HIAYA” and hits the cop with it. I laughed so hard that i spit my coke all over my friends couch. None of my other friends laughed, but i thought it was great.

Yep, that was the episode. I haven’t seen that episode of Family Guy yet, which season was it on?

[quote]Yep, that was the episode.  I haven’t seen that episode of Family Guy yet, which season was it on?[/quote]

Season Three. It’s called—WHOA—as i’m writing this i’m watching Jackass on MTV and the Kill Bill tv spot came on. Short but sweet! Anyway, it’s called A Fish Out Of Water and it’s the second episode on disk two of the Season Three DVD.