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CR:Give me the argument the best argument you for the power of the of cinema

QT:you know one of the things about

cinema that i just find very moving as white is my favorite part form is that

and there’s a lot of things that a lot of the in people have much different than its

about what it is that they like about cinema to me

what gets me is when you go to a movie and you see

certain sequance

and if there is real cinematic power under cinematic flair many there are

these there are certain filmmakers out there

that you feel were touched by god to make movies

and will be a combination of editing and sound and some usually it’s like bill images

connected with music or something but we know things work,and they were really


and you know i think sample could be the

final done fight sequance in the content and the content and the other legacy cause i can

ever imagine how that fight to the one sequance i cant ever imagine doing anything that

is just like you forget to preview are really transpoted to a different place in music it

doesnt quite do that and so nan almost on quite do it in a painting doesnt quite

do it and it does they do it there a way that with in cinema especially if you’re in a

theater in your sharing the experience with a bunch of other people so it’s this mass

thing going on

it’s just it’s just truly truly thrilling

nobody correct transcript?