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Planet Terror Screenplay

Does anyone in here still have the Planet Terror screenplay in pdf format? I never had the chance to read it, and the one featured in the GH book is too messy. If anyone has it please upload it…

Right click/save-as.

Yeeeeeah Boyeeeeeeee! I was looking for it last night, never found it! Thanks a lot Dex!

Damn! The missing reel isin’t scripted! I thought it was… :frowning:

No problem. I think I’ve got Death Proof too if you need it.

You have the Death Proof script…I’d like to read than one too, but I it hardly has any action since all they do is talk during the entire movie…which isin’t a bad thing, but still.

Here’s the Death Proof script. Meant to post this earlier but forgot.

Right Click/save as:

I wonder why Quentin dosen’t use any PDFs…

the planet terror script is included in the grindhouse book, and the DP script is available as a cheap paperback, you two no-good slackers;-)

Why buy them when you can download them for free. Ahhh the inter-web…who needs film school - I mean not everyone has 40,000 dollars to go to a real school.

you mean you don’t have the 8 bucks to buy the death proof script on paperback? poor fella… i’d spend it just to make a point and support a cool movie like that

When you live by yourself you need to manage all the money in your pocket - besides QT is already a millionaire - he dosen’t need our help. :wink:

he wouldn’t be a millionaire if we had all downloaded his scripts, his movies and his soundtracks. besides, it’s really cool to hold the product in your hands, as opposed to have a file on your comp. I understand you’re probably short sometimes, and you don’t always feel like spending money on paperbacks. but hell, Downloading is so wrong!

one last thing…at least order it w/ Seb’s link!

How much revenue do you think these guys make by selling their screenplays on paperbacks? Be realistic man, how many times have you downloaded music that you didin’t buy? How many movies have you streamed on the web, without paying for it? Don’t give me any of that bullshit by right-clicking screenplays that are already available on the net. The person who leaked it in the first place is the one to blame.

I don’t download that much, actually. But I understand your point, and I respect it. Still, if you can afford a paperback, buy it. If you can’t, I’m sorry for you, my friend.

Calling me a dead beat, eh?

rolls up sleeves

Show me what you got, you pussy! >:( Just a joke…

Stop throwing your money away like that, It’s not like I’m printing the screenplay and selling it to other people, a lot of times there will be web sites that devote themselves to provide an aersenal of screenplays so people can educate themselves by reading and analyzing them. With those eight bucks you can do a lot of things like buy some beer, a little weed, or feed a homeless puppy or cat. You can also buy eight cheeseburgers, six lottery tickets or some Dunkin’ Donuts or rent a few movies…

See, the possibilities are endless. SAVE THOSE $8.00 DOLLARS!

Its easy enough to find scripts using Google. Ive printed out Pulp Fiction to sit on my table. I think most books should be free to read on the net just like the library. If you love owning books you will still buy it even if yove already read it. I myself dont care to “own” things because it doesnt make my E-Penis any bigger.

Ah, man he cut out one of the funniest parts in the script! If anyone has read it go to scene # 50 , he wrote in Geraldo and he gets eaten alive ;D, damn! I guess Geraldo didin’t want to be in it or something.

who’s geraldo?

Geraldo Rivera, the guy who interviewed Charles Manson once (and tried to find Al Capones treasure and ended up with nada), which Wayne Gale From NBK is based on. (Geraldo, not Manson :stuck_out_tongue:)

who’s geraldo?

His original name was Jerry Rivers, which he morphed to Geraldo Rivera.