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Planet Terror Complete Soundtrack

Let’s put it togheter. These songs are not order but i have listed then they are played.

Funky Fanfare-Keith Mansfield

-Our Feuture Presentation

-Music played in the trailer the soldiers are watching

Grindhouse-Robert Rodriguez

-Opening Credits

You Belong To Me-Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez

-Cherry talks to her boss

El Wray-Robert Rodriguez

-El Wray arrives to The Bone Shack

-El Wray finaly get’s his guns

The Grindhouse Blues-Robert Rodriguez

-Cherry meets El Wray at The Bone Shack

Depiuty Finger-Robert Rodriguez

-El Wrey is questioned by Sheriff Hague

Police Station Assault-Robert Rodriguez

-The Sickos Attacks The Police Station

Cherry’s Leg-Robert Rodriguez

-Cherry discovers her leg is gone

Hospital Epimedic-Graeme Revell and Robert Rodriguez

-El Wray guides Cherry through the sicko infested hospital

Useless Talent #32-Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez

-The song the Crazy Babysitter Twins are listening to

Ramona-Robert Rodriguez

-Earl McGraw kills his wife

Ring In The Jacket-Robert Rodriguez

-Played as Cherry and El Wray have sex

Fury Road-Robert Rodriguez

-The heroes makes their run on the road and is captured by Muldoon

The Rapist-Robert Rodriguez

-Rapist 1 talks to Cherry in the elevator

Too Drunk to Fuck-Nouvelle Vague

-The Grindhouse rape sequence

Melting Member-Graeme Revell and Robert Rodriguez

-Rapist 1’s private parts melts away

Cherry’s Dance of Death-Chigon

-Cherry vs The Sickos

-Closing Credits

Helicopter Sicko Chopper-Robert Rodriguez

-Earl McGraw arrives and the heroes kills the sickos with the helicopter

Two Against The World-Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez

-The Epiolog

Songs to be put in order:

Back To The Pod / The Crazies Come Out-John Carpenter and Alan Howarth

Go Go Not Cry Cry-Robert Rodriguez and Rick Del Castillo

Doc Block-Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel

BBQ Assault-Robert Rodriguez

The Sickos-Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell

His Prescription… Pain-Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel

Cherry Darling-Robert Rodriguez

Dakota-Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel

Zero to Fifty In Four-Robert Rodriguez

Killer Legs-Robert Rodriguez and Rick Del Castillo

Doc Block is when Doc Block stabs Dakota with her needles.

Back To The Pod / The Crazies Come Out is when Wray first shoots at the Sickos and when Joe infects Doc Block.

Dakota is when Dakota warns Tony to protect himself with the gun/Doc Block and the other Sickos attempt to attack her and Tony’s corpse at McGraw’s house.

Zero To Fifty In Four is the gang prepping to leave the torched Bone Shack.

Cherry Darling is the exact same as Cherry’s Leg.

Hope these help out.