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I was flipping through the channels the other night and I came across this Pink (the popstar) documentary type thing on VH1. I stopped because it showed a scene from Reservoir Dogs, and then it went on to talk about how Pink named herself after Mr. Pink. I thought that was kind of weird. This is probably old news, but it’s not that often I watch Pink specials on vh1.


it’s the first time I hear that.

Maybe here in germany we haven’t that VH1 channel you have. So I haven’t noticed this report.

So, let’s have a look, when we’ve got a BROWN in the charts.


hahahahahahaha thats some funny stuff if thats true!! Pink?! hahahahahahhahhaha am I the only one who finds that hilarious??

That is beyond funny. It’s… I don’t know… fucking ridiculous!

PS- Mr. Blonde would beat Tyler Durden. Durden’s a pussy, and besides, Mr. Blonde is a real guy, right?

Right buddy!

I wonder if Tarantino can sue her for defamation of his character. Mr. Pink would shoot her face off the second she started screeching her so called ‘music.’ Why couldn’t she call herself Buffy or something lame like that.