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Pics of Buck

Can anyone get me some pics of Buck or tell me where I can get pics of him?

Buck was played by Michael Bowen a half brother of David Carradine (Bill). He also played in Jackie Brown (Dargus).

Maybe you can try to find pics if you surch with his name…

not him as Buck, but still a pic of Michael Bowen.

How are these two pictures?

Oh those are nice.

bills half brother?

i didnt get that back story

no no no…Michael Bowen is related to DAvid Carradine that way.

and that other guy, he is in a lot of Adam Sandler movies, right?

yah, the trucker is in about 5 or 6 of Sandler’s movies.

thanks a lot guys for the pics and the info…didn’t know that he was David’s half brother, thats kinda cool.

hmmm so it seems Tarantino and Sandler have quite a relationship…

Fuck I wanna see Kill Bill again now…last time I saw it was like beginning of December. Fuck fuck fuck!

those are some cool-ass pics, but i never was never really convinced by the Budd and Trucker characters. Budd is too pretty-boyish to look like some perverted docter and the trucker just looked 2 silly. it seemed like it was just two actors playin the parts

Buono…its Buck not Budd—Budd is Michael Madsen

my bad, i slipped up

All I wanted was the pussy shot.

YOU LIED TO US QUENTIN! You promised Uma-tang, but never delivered!

^^^ Wait for the Swedish version ;D

Can anyone get me some pics of The Bride amashing Bucks head with the door???

[quote]All I wanted was the pussy shot.

YOU LIED TO US QUENTIN!  You promised Uma-tang, but never delivered![/quote]

dont give your hopes up. there is always volume 2

What do u mean with pussy shot and Uma-tang ??? ???