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PF is

…the reason i stopped watching movies on television. OH! THE BLOODY CENSORS…

Its like, after watching Die Hard and PF back to back, I got fed up with hearing:

“Yippee Ki Yay, You jerk!”

TV censorship is hilarious. Once I heard from someone that the line “Where did you get the scar, tough guy; eating pussy?” from “Scarface” was transformed in “Where did you get the scar tough guy; eating pineapple?” Lol, isn’t that some funny shit or what?

here in germany, nothing is censored in that way. either they cut it out or they leave it but they usually dont manipulate stuff, and besides, by dubbing the movies most of the profanity gets lost anyway

That’s ridiculous. What’s so horrible about the word “pussy”. It’s not like we havent heard it before. I dont think they censor anything in Denmark. If they do I havent noticed.

It is rediculous! look what the network version had to do to Pulp Fiction before they could show it on TV:

-Dubbed dialogue in Pumpkin and Honey Bunny’s opening conversation

-Omission of the entire scene after Vincent and Jules get off the elevator talking about foot massages

-Omission of a part of the drug transaction scene starting with Vincent’s discussion of how his car was keyed

-Omission of the “shooting-up” sequence

-The audio of Uma Thurman snorting cocaine as “Son of a Preacher Man” plays is absent

-Inclusion of the “Mia Wallace” interview scene

-Omission of the scene where Vincent finds Mia in her overdosed condition

-Omission of the “oral pleasure” scene

-When Butch opens the door to reveal the sodomy of Marsellus, an image of Maynard has been superimposed to prevent from seeing Zed’s actual thrusting

-Omission of the entire scene where Jules and Vincent argue after blowing Marvin’s head off (both in the car and in Jimmy’s bathroom)

-Omission of the entire scene of Jules and Vincent cleaning up the back of the car

-Among the list of words cut out: all variations of “fuck”, “shit”, “God damn”, and “nigger”. The use of the word “bitch” is permitted in some cases (“Does he look like a bitch?”) but not in others (“Tell that bitch [‘babe’ in the TV version] to be cool!”)

Man what’s left?? Why would you even bother to show it after all that?

If a norwegian channel would broadcast Pulp Fiction, or any film with rude language, they wouldn’t mind using the scenes mentioned above in the day time commercial announcing the movie. Censorship is lame…

Tell me about it…

There’s nothing worse than watch a Tarantino’s movie dubbed in some other language. I hate when that happens to my favorite ones! I consider this as a another way of censorship, 'cause they freely can change the whole idea of a dialogue!

Fuckers! They get so scared showing this kind of stuff, like if they stop showing them people would be better human beings… why don’t they get a life?

a couple of weeks ago i watched Pulp fiction on sky here in the UK, I already had the DVD but wanted to see what they cut out, they didn’t cut out anything! I was amazed.

Same thing happened with Dogs, on BBC 2, nothing censored

censorship is lame.

here in the u.s., it’s 100% pointless to watch movies on television (except on Movie channels like HBO or cinemax).

they frequently go to commercials and cut down the film to be exactly as long as it would take X amount of tv shows to run.

i haven’t seen anything too bloody/sexual/verbally offensive like pulp fiction or reservoir dogs

i did see jack black in high fidelity though, and the first scene you see him in (where he walks into the record store) is totally censored.

instead of "holy shit! what the fuck is that?"

its “holy shoot! what the frog is that” i’m sure they

could’ve found a better word

I was watching American History X on tv, and in a basketball court these street people got into a fight, and a guy said “you’re a freaking turd, you mother lover!”

Seriously, who the fuck would say that?

I was watching dumb and dumber on tv, the guy said “i’m going to kick your sandwich!” instead of "i’m going to kick your ass!"

what the fuck, people? Can’t they be creative??

i watched die hard 2 on fox a couple years ago and it was the funniest thing ever. there’s a part where bruce willis is calling this guy a stupid bastard and the other guy says that back. however, they replaced the word bastard with bozo. plus, the guy who dubbed it had a mexican accent, so it was funny as hell.

I first experienced Pulp Fiction 3 years ago on TV. I thought it was awesome as fucking hell. Then I saw it on video a couple months later and I was blown away.

What bugs me about movies on TV more than censorship is the craptastic full screen-pan and scan versions. That Pan and scan is the worst thing to ever happen to film.

I’ve always thought that censorship was fucking stupid. If your going to take out all the emotion and violence that makes a movie like pulp fiction great, then don’t play the fucking movie at all.