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People who can still hear Howard Stern

Tarantino’s on today, post what happens would you?

i live in florida and they dont play him here no more


hes on right now, its nothing great just the same stuff he’s been saying on all the tv shows.  i think hes spreading himself too thin, but thats probly just me.

edit: when will it be on E! ?

couple months maybe

they always put the best shows on E

For those that did not get to hear QT on Stern…

It will be up tomorrow. ;D

youre the coolest

whoa coop, super link. I have to download em usually from suprnova. I’m listening to a rerun of the showing now. Howard was just talking about how QT was at the last American Idol finale cheering for CLAY. HAHA! That cracks me up. ;D

I don’t know if this is possible but if someone has any of QT 's or Uma’s interviews from Howard Stern, could they possibly provide a link where I could download it. I am looking forward to the new one but would love to hear the ones from when vol 1 came out. Thanks

yeah this was just silly stuff - but entertaining nonetheless @ 7:00 am

On E! he’s on Howard Stern right now. It’s from like 4 years ago though.

yea, I caught that, nothing special, funny jokes about goldstein or bernstein or whatever his name is…

Which mp3’s contain Tarantino’s interview from that site?


the one from the 15th…

It was amusing how they were making fun of Daryl for liking funny men ;D