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Paul Thomas Anderson

Just thought I’d start a topic about him, recently I’ve become obsessed with his work. I never really payed much attention to his work until I saw ‘There Will Be Blood’ which I really liked, and so far I’ve seen Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love and Boogie Nights. I already ordered ‘Hard Eight’ or ‘Sydney’ on amazon, I can’t wait to see it.

yeah pta is the best working director out there - never made a less than 4 star movie. You wont be disappointed with sydney - what a debut!

Sydney is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The opening sequence is just so mesmerizing. Has anyone heard the commentary track on the ‘Sydney’ DVD? P.T. Anderson wrote the entire screenplay in two weeks! And for all the Gwyneth Paltrow haters (see other topic) this is one of her best performances ever. So those who haven’t seen it you have to check it out.

It’s actually knownas ‘The Hard Eight’ but that’s just a bullshit title, we shoul all call it ‘Sydney’. Stay away from matches! :wink:

Have you read the book of “there will be blood?” I haven’t seen the film yet cos i want to read the book… but then i haven’t read the book cos i want to see the film! Same goes for No Country for Old Men. Sometimes it can be a let down when you picture a book you’ve read in a particular way and the movie turns ou completely different.

Do you mean the novel “Oil” by Upton Sinclaire or the screenplay by P.T. Anderson?

I read the screenplay already, there ar some pretty fantastic scenes that did not make the theatrical cut. Like Daniel Plainview giving oral to a whore or mentioning that his cock does not work anymore to his fake brother.

Here’s the link for the screenplay. It’s a great fantastic read.

There Will Be Blood pdf.

huh, well in defence of the editing, i have to say that those scenes don’t sound like the’d do much to enhance the plot - sounds entertaining though if that’s your kinda thing! Actually i meant the novel (cos, yeah, i totally read stuff). But after those two rather graphic descriptions you just gave me, i might just check out that screenplay… think I’ll have a little browse through it for now - don’t want to ruin the movie! Thanks man!

Buy the 2-disc edition DVD it has some pretty great features like ‘The Story Of Petroleum’ some extended/deleted scenes. It doesn’t have commentary though - that always bums me out. The scenes I explained to you aren’t graphic at all, they’re succintly described. Also there’s a cool scene that reminded me alot of 'Little Miss Sunshine" - where Paul Dano and Steve are in the ocean, where they submerege to the bottom and rise…there’s a similar scene in There Will Be Blood for some reason he didn’t go with it, I wish he had it was beautiful. But anyways enjoy the film, I’ve seen it many, many times.

You should also check out his other films. I highly recommend Punch-Drunk Love. It’s very food.

Your right, this looks really cool. Fuck the book… I’m gettin’ the movie. After all, wise man say “why read book, when you can watch movie”.

Haha. Reading is for Jews and nerds. We normal people like seeing flashing images and awesome dialogue. Get his other films as well, I’m telling you this guy is really something. He’s almost as great as QT.

"Sydney or "Hard Eight

Boogie Nights


Punch-Drunk Love

These are just tremendous titles. I own all the special edition DVDs, they have great extras. Hope you get them

Yeah, thanks for the tips, i’ll check them out n let you know. I haven’t seen any of these movies apart from magnolia. Normally i can’t abide that little shit tom cruise but i thought he was good in this - probably because he’s really like that in real life!

Hey did you catch 25 years of Tom Cruise on Oprah, awesome show. TC is a fantastic actor, I love his earlier work I’ll admit, but he was also great in Collateral as Vincent. Do you own the 2-Disc Platinum edition DVD? Well in the extras there’s this great funny scene where he’s telling his guys in a seminar a story that he used to score with a chick; something about a diabetic dog named “Pookie” it was fucking hilarious.

Nah, we don’t get much Oprah here. I did see that clip of him goin psycho and jumpin on the couch that time. I used to love Tom Cruise when I was young but now I think he’s become more concerned with promoting scientology than his movies. I know its his personal life and I shouldn’t really let that cloud my judgement of him as an actor, but when he’s on the cover of every single magazine it gets to be overkill. I think he’s a bit of a jackass that’s all.

I’m just a fan of his work plus I always hear that he’s nice to people. So I guess I’m indifferent to all the negativity surrounding him.

yeah, i’ll give you that one - he does spend hours talkin to the crowds outside his premieres.

The media oversaturates everything, especially Hollywood gossip, those people are full of shit. They make everyone look bad just so they can make a few extra bucks, but I don’t eat that shit up.

Well I am a bit of a gossip junkie, but its all about taking things with a pinch of salt and having a balanced point of view. Maybe he might change my mind with his new movie - it looks quite interesting but I heard they were having lots of set backs with it.

What movie? I haven’t heard anything about a new TC movie…

Its the WW2 movie where he’s plays a nazi with an eye patch

Cool. They call him one eye! I think I’ve heard of that film.