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Part of my short

This clip is part of a short film I am making. I aint using the ennio morricone music for it. It is just to fill it up for the moment.

My brother makes the music for it. i also will be dubbing in effects. This is 1 out of 3 dreamsequences. It doesnt make any sense at all and is an exercise in different styles.

Dont pay too much attention to the quality of the audio and the flowing of the images…I had to make it 10 MB and that fucks everything up…

suggestions are welcome! 8) :laugh:

dont press play, wait for it to load!

wow i love it, surreal, very fellinesque, i very much like the shot of the clown and then the guy stepping into the screen from the right, post up the full thing when you’ve got it! props!

edit: who is the guy ? i love his face, if you’re done with him send him to my office :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve got roles for him

Thanks a lot mate! thats a BIG compliment for me (I adore Fellini, you know)! thanks man. Keeps me going. 8)

Its the first thing I am doing with more effort than putting everything together in one day. I have shot everything and am editing bit by bit.

I will post the whole thing when its ready, probably in 3 weeks or so.

edit: the guy is a friend of my family. His name is vinnie and I call him cousin vinnie :stuck_out_tongue:

He is from england and has this natural coolness and funny charisma around him…he makes the best jokes too. He’s like a mix of mr bean and blackadder. Very cool guy indeed and very usefull for making these shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah pretty cool. Good job man. And funny about cousin Vinnie :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you can post the whole short movie.

That’s an awesome short. Aside from fellini, there’s also an apparent Leone influence in there too. Love the contrast between the shot where the guy and clown are seen far away onscreen and the shot right after of the extreme close-up on the eyes of the two, the same contrast old Sergio loved to use. Bravo! Only one thing bugs me though, I was rooting for the clown. ;D

Haha, that ruled. I think you should keep the Morricone music, lol. When the camera zooms in on the clown’s eyes you should have played Ironside. haha

Great work TIG

nice i thought it was good thats clow is crazy

Ha, I love it TIG, its wicked.

Good stuff. Fuck I want to see the whole thing now.

Yes, great work indeed!

Aside from Fellini, I also sensed a little bit of influence from Jim Jarmusch. Especially the quiet, slow start of the short and that guy reminded me a little bit of John Lurie who’s been in a few Jarmusch movies.

But nevermind the influences, it still felt fresh, nice!

dude put it back up on youtube or even just putfile again im dying to watch it!

Yeah dude put it back on. The link doesn’t work anymore.

It sucks fucking donkey balls…I finished the whole short though and it doesnt make ANY sense whatsoever ;D

It has some nice shots here and there, but it being silent and based on images and music made it very impossible to be enjoyable ;D

I will post it some time later when I have a better sound and image quality…

Don’t be ashamed of it bro. I just made a crappy short, and I’m still proud of it, lol.