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[paperback] Inglourious Basterds (screenplay)

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includes all the information, Amazon links etc.

To be released July (US) and August (Europe). Please use our Amazon links to pre-order, thank you.

Please keep this topic to discussions about the paperback, everything else into the IB section.


ok so this french paperback that’s out in May, I dont’t think it’s the official script paperback which is announced for july… it’s gotta be something else. maybe it’s the french translation?

This is probably the best script of the last decade! The only ones that compete with it is the other Tarantino movies and maybe… just maybe Sin City. I got so fucking pissed when they gave the best screenplay award to The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker?? Seriously??? I mean ok maybe it did have tension and crap, but IB deserved all the fucking awards!

A good read lot more backstory and info on characters. My opinion he did right by cutting A lot of it but in general great read if your a fan of the movie definitely should give it whirl.