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[paperback] Four Rooms (screenplay)

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Check this quote from Heid Vogel out:
The idea was conceptually unoriginal but the actual screenplay turned out to be a magical thing that could not, with all our trying, become what it was in the text; An imaginative piece where all involved brought something worthy to the table. The film which it subsequently became is not even on par with what we could call a “movie”. A mess is more the truth. Rodriguez’ segment is the only worth viewing and then Quentin’s second only because this was still when he was hot and feeling like the character he portrayed. ‘Jackie Brown’ humbled him. I know it did. The screenplay is a stand-alone and should be approached as such. Do not view the film once done. This diminishes all previous effort. [/quote]

I bought the book in London and I laughed a lot when I saw Rodriguez pictures of Ted with the needle in his leg ;D