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Pam Grier Website

I just started a Pam Grier fansite at If you are interested, please visit and email me any feedback you have if you are a fan of Pam.

Cool site :D. Pam gets the respect she deserves, congrats.

how old is Pam Grier? Last I heard she was like 55!

Fuck, she only looks like 40!

I think Pam has been overlooked for way too long. I hope to have the site continually updated. Glad that you were able to check it out. Now if only Pam would do that, then my life would be complete ;D

Pam is 54 and she looks way younger than that.

yeah she does.

How long has the site been running? You already had 517 visitors, I think that’s pretty good.

Sites only been running for about a week. You would not believe the amount of email I’ve had in that week alone. Amazingly, I’ve heard from at least 5 “Pam Grier’s” so far, so either she is cloning herself or there are a lot of confused people out there. BTW, great skull pic.

hahahahaha, that was the funniest thing I’ve read all day…all the PAm GRiers. Haha

There can ony be ONE Pam Grier. ;D

Glad that made your day. I get a good laugh everytime I get an email like that. Let’s hope the real thing never writes or I may piss her off royally right?

There can ony be ONE Pam Grier.  ;D

Amen! ;D

I love Pam Grier nice site.

Her tits sure did look nice in the Big Bird Cage.

[quote=“Knoxville Kingpin”]
Her tits sure did look nice in the Big Bird Cage.
I got to see that movie :wink:

Love the site and Pam’s juggs also look incredible in Coffy. Have a nice day.

Finally, Pete, something we agree on.