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Pal / NTSC?

im not understanding the region codes and pal format stuff on dvds. i just registered at and did a search…

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all these different versions are confusing. i live in canada, which dvds will play in my dvd player? i have no clue what to get.

does PAL format mean it will play in anything? most of them seem to be in PAL.

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[b]This topic is about NTSC and pal:[/b]

This is a link to a site, where you can read the differences between Pal and NTSC:

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So you can understand why the same movie can be faster or more slowly, when it is played pal or NTSC.

I try not explain the things by my own, cuz my english sucks, Sorry for not being a better help.

I copied this for you:

First lets go over the actual definitions of each and some of the technical differences. We’ll try not to get too technical, as I think most readers simply want a quick understanding of the two (and I don’t know enough to get that technical).

PAL - PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is a video standard used in many countries around the world. Countries such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and more use PAL as their video standard. When a VHS, DVD or laserdisc is released using the PAL format it can have a maximum resolution up to 625 lines with a vertical frequency of 50Hz. There are different types of PAL standards, one of which uses a vertical frequency of 60Hz instead of 50Hz.

NTSC - NTSC (National Television Ssystem Committee) is another video standard used in many countries around the world. While it’s not technically superior, it’s more widely used thanks to its use in the United States and a variety of other countries, such as Japan. When a VHS, DVD or laserdisc is released using the NTSC format it can have a maximum resolution up to 525 lines with a vertical frequency of 60hz.

So can you play a PAL VHS, DVD or laserdisc on an NTSC TV? The answer is no. TVs are either NTSC capable, PAL capable or both. Unfortunately, nearly every TV in the United States is NTSC only. If you live in a country where PAL is the standard you can generally get a TV that is capable of both PAL and NTSC native playback.

So you live in an NTSC country and you want to play a PAL DVD, what’s one to do? Lets look at the possible solutions and the good and bad of each…

This is from the site:

Sorry, I had to make a second one, cuz the text was too long…

This post is about the Region-stuff:

These are the different regions:

0 - can be played everywhere

1 - United States, Canada, and U.S. territories

2 - Europe, Greenland, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Japan, Egypt, Middle East

3 -Southeast Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan

4 - Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America,

5 - former Soviet Union countries, eastern Europe, Indian subcontinent, Mongolia, the rest of Africa

6 - People’s Republic of China

7 - free

8 - airplanes, cruiser

This next text is copied from:

DVD movies can contain a region code, denoting which area of the world it is targeted at, which is completely independent of encryption. The commercial DVD-video player specification dictates that players must only play discs that contain their region code. This allows the film studios to set different retail prices in different markets and extract the maximum possible price from consumers. With region coding, studios can dictate release schedules and prices around the world. However, many DVD players allow playback of any disc, or can be modified to do so. Region coding pertains to regional lockout, which originated from the video game industry.

You can read more stuff on the site.

If you need more information, just pm me.

the guys at will probably know

So, check out your DVD player:

If you have a region free DVD player, you can play DVD of all regions. If you haven´t, you can try:

Their you can find some help to make your region… DVD player tp a regionfree DVD player.

Hope that helps… :smiley:

thanks for that info, but im not sure how i check my dvd player for its region availability. or would it ONLY be a 0-1 region player if bought in canada…

When you bought your DVD player, there was a manual in which you can find informations about the region. You should check, before you buy - maybe - wrong region DVDs.

If you can´t find your manual, you can go to the website of the company and find there information about your special DVD player.

When you find out, that your DVD player is only for region 1, you can go to the last site I recommended.

Ther you can check out the hack code for your player. Then your - former region1 DVD player - is region free.

But keep in mind the NTSC/pal thing!

I for myself have a region free DVD player which can play NTSC and pal. It it was not expensive…

If you can´t find out, what your players region is, just pm me, I will try to help you.

just consider the above table with the regions.

but bear in mind that pal/ntsc does have NOTHING to do with region codes.

for example:

Germany: region code 2 and PAL

Japan: region code 2 and NTSC

a Region 0 DVD will play on any dvd player

a TV capable of pal/ntsc conversion will play NTSC and PAL dvds (and if it is able to play PAL it will most likely play Secam, which is an older french format)

a multi-region DVD player, also called region-free, or codefree, is mostly capable of transforming Pal to Ntsc and vice versa

i have a ps2. haha. i probably should look into buying a region free dvd player as i doubt that little crappy dvd player can be hacked for more regions.

btw, you can now buy DivX playing DVD player in the States!

Philips DVP642 Progressive Scan DVD Player with DivX

Playback is available now in Wal-Mart, Target and CompUSA stores across America.

In the KB section someone opened a topic with some questions about the DVD 2 and about NTSC.

I copied the NTSC stuff in this topic (where it belongs) and the the other stuff in the right ones.

You know :wink: ; One theme - one topic… :smiley:

Hey, if you are not sure where to put your question, just pm me…

Okay, here we go:


Just a query the Japanese uncut DVD region 2 but NTSC will that work on ordinary UK TV with multiregion DVD player (Sorry if this is a stupid question) …


You need to check your TV can show NTSC, most can, if you can play your Region 1 dvds on it then Kill Bill Japanese will be no problem.

You get English Dolby Digital 5.1 aswell as DTS

and theres also a Japanese Audion option.

the only thing is, the english subtitles have to be manually turned on, though if you prefer you can just watch the whole movie with the english subtitles on to save keep switching on and off.

NTSC has 29.9 frames per second with 480 vertical lines and 320x240(or multiple) resolution. HD and widescreen televisions have different standards.

PAL has 25 frames per second with 625 vertical lines and 352x240(or multiple) resolution. HD and widescreen televisions have different standards.

I just orderd the UK Region 2 DVD of Donnie Darko the Director’s Cut (PAL), and I’ve got an NTSC TV and DVD player, looking on, I saw that my player (JVC XV-N312) was capable of PAL/NTSC conversion, but all the reviews that pointed this out were from Canada, and the US (where I got mine) didn’t say anything about it. So now, I’m really confused. To add to my confusion, I can’t find any hacks to make it Region Free, but if it’s not already, then why would it have the PAL/NTSC conversion thing?

BTW - I’ve also got a PS2, and I know the DVD player on there is Region Free, but can it play PAL DVD’s on NTSC TV’s?

Or does anybody know of a decent Progressive Scan Region Free (or one with a hack available) player, with PAL/NTSC player, and also (preferrably) optical out?

Somebody please help me!

??? ???

Are all ps2’s region free? Even the slimline?

I got mine from the UK and if it is I am going to kick myself. Literally.

Are all ps2’s region free? Even the slimline?

I got mine from the UK and if it is I am going to kick myself. Literally.

On a german board, the guys told me that ps2 aren´t reg free and that there is a problem with NTSC and PAL.

But take a look at this upgrade

It is for PlayStation 2 Action Replay and GameShark 2 (only Version 2). I have heard that you can see every fucking DVD with this upgrate. But check out if this is right - I´m not sure aobut it.

Thanks CPS, that helps alot.