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OUATIH - Brandy Editing Mistake

After watching OUATIH again last night for the billionth time I noticed something I hadn’t before. During the last big fight scene towards the end of the movie, when Sadie (Mikey Madison) is still being mauled by Brandy, she finds the gun and fires up in the air startling Brandy.

This leads Brady to bark outside of Francesca’s door to let her in. Right before Francesca opens the door, with Brandy up on her hind legs against the door, you can clearly see the dog’s penis.

I know that 3 separate dogs were used during the filming, but Brandy is always referred to as female.

Nothing major but again after having watched the film many times, I happened to catch this quick detail on screen. Thought is was worth sharing amongst the fan base as a fun bit of trivia.

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