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Other movies that feature FAKE trailers

Grindhouse appears to be the first movie in many years that will have fake trailers included. What else has there been? I can only come up with:

The Kentucky Fried Movie

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble

That’s Armageddon

Cleopatra Schwartz


Gandhi 2

History of the World Part I

History of the World Part II

The one on Scrooged where Lee Majors plays a Commando. What was that called?

Didnt Amazon Women On The Moon have fake trailers? I cant remember.

Not sure if this one counts, but how about Angels Live in My Town on Boogie Nights?

The music sure kicks ass!

Sure any movie with Fake trailers for movies that dont exist are fine. Im trying to think of others…

“MANT” in Joe Dante’s Matinee (1993).

“Gutterballs” in The Big Lebowski, perhaps? Not an actual fake trailer, but pretty close.

Damn, can’t believe I forgot ATTACK OF THE KILLER STREET PIMPS in Hollywood Shuffle. Although I think that was more of a movie-clip than a trailer.

Not sure if these had some:

Last Action Hero


…And God Spoke (I think the trailer plays at the very end)

The Majestic

Living in Oblivion

Freddy got fingered: Zebras in America ;D

Three Amigos had a fake movie in it, but not a trailer.