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Origin of O-Ren Tiny Sound Clip

hello all,

I’ve done some searching and haven’t been able to find this track. It might just be some part of the score so thats fine, and I apologize if this is an obvious answer that i just missed somehow. Im looking to find the music that plays during the O-ren anime scene, after the father is killed precisely after the boss guy stabs her mother through the bed. Strong female vocals, sounds like opera almost, when she is looking up and the blood soaks through and drips on her face. Anyone know this one? Its only a few seconds but I am curious if anyone else has located the author and perhaps somewhere where I could procure the entire track. Thanks a million in advance for your help.

– j

Luis Bacalov: The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)

The part you mentioned starts around 1:55.

It’s on the soundtrack.