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Origin of Mr. Blonde's name?

Well, after Tarantino decided “Kill Bill” would have various mixings of Kung Fu, Samurai, Spaghetti Westerns, and Gorehouse film elements, I sat down and watched my favorite trilogy ever filmed, not Star Wars, or the uncompleted Matrix and LOTR epics, nor The Godfather. I kicked back and followed the exploits of Sergio Leone’s protagonist, The Man With No Name((Clint Eastwood of course)), through “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For A Few Dollars More”, and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

While watching these flicks, I verified something that had been nagging me since I’d purchased the 10 Year Special Edition Reservoir Dogs DVD, Vic Vega’s name for the heist, Mr. Blonde. Mr. Blonde seems to me to have been a kind of direct homage to Eastwood’s character, who throught out “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” is called Blondie.

Vic Vega, and Blondie seem to have a couple of similarities I noticed, first of all, they’re gunmen with apparently no remorse in their killings.

Nice Guy Eddy actually calls Mr. Blonde Blondie at one point of the film, as he’s telling Mr. White and Mr. Pink to go with him to move the cars, and Mr. Blonde to stay with Mr. Orange and the cop.

Both, apparently have a love of torture and pyschological abuse seen on Blondie’s part through all three movies as he enjoys mind-fucking his antagonists, as well as his treatment to Tuco, The Ugly in “TGTB&TU”, leaving him stranded in a desert with no water, and then in the end, leaving him near-strangled on a noose, as he stands tip-toed on a rickety cross, watching Blondie ride away. In “Reservoir Dogs”, we only see a small portion of Vic’s life, but he states that ‘Torturing amuses him’, and for fuck’s sake, he carries a straight-razor in his boot, how many men do you know who do that?

And, they’ve both spent time in prison, not really a huge deal, but in “TGTB&TU”, as well as " 'Dogs" it is either mentioned, or shown in the film.

I’m sure there’s probably more similarities I could find, but those were the ones I knew off the top of my head, can anyone else around here think of any?

i dont know if those are just purly coincidental cos no other rd ahs an origin to his name

I think it’s funny, because when Joe’s naming people and Pink complains, he says “you better be thankful you’re not Mr. Yellow.” Isn’t Mr. Blonde the same thing as yellow? Aren’t they the same color? Especially that point is proven when Mr. Blonde’s dvd cover is fuckin yellow.

I always thought it was from The Good The Bad and The Ugly too.

Also both characters are introduced in the same way. The camera sort of pulls back in Dogs to reveal Blonde standing there and in The GBU Blondie all of a sudden enters into the frame.

They also both have sarcastic intro lines:

Guy to Tuco: Your worth 1,000 dollars…

Blondie: Yeah but it doesnt look like your going to be the one to collect it.

Mr Blonde to Pink and White: You kids shouldnt play so rough somebodys gonna start cryin.

Even Eastwoods and Madsens personas in the films are similar. Watch both films you can see the similarities.


cosigns, LOL, thats funny, ive never realised those simlarities before…especially the way they talk, they both have that certain “cool” slow way of talking, just all calm and shit

Cool comparisons, but one thing that sets them hugely apart is that Mr.Blonde is a psychopath while Leone’s Blondie is a fuckin’ professional.

I think he was just called Mr. Blonde cause…well thats a cool name. There might be some connection to Eddie calling  Blonde “Blondie” as a reference to TGTB&TU, but to compare the characters is ridiculous.

Blonde is a psycho who gets pleasure from torturing people and doesn’t mind killing…ANYONE.

The Man with No Name (Blondie) doesn’t kill innocent people, he kills bad guys, plus, he;s considered “the good” in the film.

If BLondie and Mr. Blonde were anything alike, Blondie would have let Tuco to hang at the end of Good and Bad.

In Reservoir Dogs Blonde DOESN’T let the cop live, he was about to kill him.

As for the  way their character “Acts” there might be some similarities like above, talking cool, smoking cigarettes casually and cool…then again, every movie has a cool character like that.

Oh, did anyone kinda think of the way Reservoir Dogs’ “TITLE CARD CHARACTER STORIES” may be somewhat of a reference to TGTB&TU?

Check this out;

The Good would be Mr. White. Cause he seems to care the most. He’s a good guy. He’s a professional and doesn’t kill innocent people.

The Bad would be Mr. Blonde. Like Lee Van Cleef in Good and Bad he is totally mean. He doesn’t care about anything else but getting the job done, even if that means killing people.

The Ugly would be Mr. Orange. In Good and Bad Tuco plays a swindling character who cheats people and is constantly betraying them. Somewhat like how ORange infiltrated the gang, only to attempt to bust them.

Only few differences is MR. white doesn’t ever forgive Mr. ORange, and in Good and Bad the titles go BACKWARDS than reverse…but still…maybe there’s a small connection.

or maybe its simply irony. he isnt blonde yet he has the name mr. blonde. i dunno just a whouth

i think sometimes…the answer is right infront of your nose and you can’t even see it… so it might be connected to clint (cuz as we all know QT has a one of a kind interesting mind)

or it could just be irony or nothing at all ;D

just a random naming system

Mr. OrANgE