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ONG BAK: Muay Thai Warrior

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Hey, after hearing all the raves surrounding its showing at the Toronto Film Festival I couldn’t resist any longer.

I went here and ordered my DVD, straight from the source-- Thailand.

It should arrive in about a week or so.

I’ll let you know if it lives up to the hype.

If anyone buys the Thai DVD, you NEED to have a region-free player capable of playing PAL DVDs… Plus there are NO English subititles on this disc… just a warning to you curious ONG BAK future fans out there.

Anybody else gonna take the plunge?


Nope, it’s tempting though. I don’t have a region free dvd player. I also want to see Battle Royale, have you heard of a region free version of the disc, or would I need a region free player, too? Where would you get one of those things?

There are some SICK fights and stunts from the movie here:

Go to Download to download .avi clips.


At the Toronto film Festival they showed ONG BAK at a midnight screening and the audience was going nuts, they gave it like a 2 minute standing ovation!


I’m definitely gonna order this one on DVD because I know I’ll probably never see it in the theaters here.

This movie sounds like the bomb. 8)

hey. i have no idea what you guys are talking about. what’s ONG BAK?

Is it cool?  Hell, yeah!  We wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t!

Here is a quote from someone that saw it:

Ong-Bak Muay Thai Warrior kicks the living shit out of every martial arts movie made in the last ten years. Every. Single. One. This thing makes Iron Monkey look like god-damned Gymkata. Fuck! A coherent review is impossible right now. I’ll try, but it’s probably just going to devolve into “And then he… with the… and then the guy… holy shit! With his legs on fucking fire!!!”

The whole review is on AICN, scroll about halfway down the article to read the full review…

Some more raves:

Some from the IMDB:

More info:

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[quote]There are some SICK fights and stunts from the movie here:

Go to Download to download .avi clips [/quote]

Thanks. I just downloaded this, it’s pretty cool. I might have to buy this one too. The fighting style is very interesting, a lot of knees being used. I like all the acrobatic chase stuff, too.

I watched the download and i have to say it looks really good. Great fighting. Really original compared to that float fighting shit that i’ve seen lately.

Guess what just arrived in my mailbox today…

You guessed it--  ONG BAK.  Straight from Thailand.

Popped in my player to see if it would work okay.

It did.  Its a Region 3 PAL DVD.  I have a region-free player that can play PAL DVDs so that worked.  The only thing is that its an Anamorphic Widescreen format and I don’t have a widescreen TV or a player that can do X-Y scaling.  So the image is pretty much fullscreen, with me losing a bit of the image on each side.  Not too bad though.  Not enough for me too dissuade anyone from buying it if they have a region-free player.

If you want to check if your DVD player is able to be made region-free, go to: ÂÂ

Gotta say, its pretty sweet!

There’s no English subs, but its pretty easy to understand… fairly simple story-line.

Just watched a few scenes, as I will watch the whole thing later on…  but I must say, from what I did see, it did remind me of the first time I saw a crazy Hong Kong movie with Jackie Chan in his prime.  Insane stunts, long takes, medium distance shots of fights with not much cutting, awesome acrobatic displays, and pretty much non-stop action.

I will write more when I’ve seen the entire movie.



That review didn’t sound like you were very excited. Do you really like it, or are you just trying to make the best of it because you already paid for it? I hope it’s choice #1

What part of my comments sounded lukewarm…? ÂÂ

I really enjoyed it.  Just watched the whole thing (couldn’t wait too long…  :wink: )and had a great time watching it.  The muay thai fighting style has very unique moves… quite different from kung fu styles.  I can’t think of a bigger compliment than to compare it to 80s-era HK flicks when Jackie and the rest were in their prime.  It had that kind of creative abandona and energy.  I recommend any martial arts fan to track it down.  I’m sure it will get a theatrical release over here…  it just may take a while…  :frowning:

Just be aware that the Thai DVD has no Eng. subs, but I followed it well enough to understand or guess what was going on… reminded me a bit when I used to have to venture into Chinatown video stores to rent HK movies which sometimes didnt have subtitles…  ahhh memories…  :slight_smile:

If anyone else sees this I’d love to talk to them about it… ÂÂ

or if you have any questions about it, feel free to post’em here… :slight_smile:

As the giant Aussie goon screams:  FUCK MUAY THAI!!!  :wink:

Good. the only reason it didn’t seem too enthusiastic was because you guys had been talking about it like crazy and then it didn’t seem like you loved it as much as you thought you would. But i guess i was wrong :’(

There’s an amazing shot of the hero giving an insane four-point-contact attack to this big goon’s head! Something I’ve never seen before!!

It contains some of the most brutal fights I’ve seen with kicks and knees, elbows clearly contacting their targets, no lame cut-aways!

Just from a second topic:


Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (official French site with hi-res trailers. April 7, 2004 release) this Europacorp edit of Ong Bak is a truncated version of the original print shown at film festivals over the past fourteen months. those who think there were wire-assists during the Muay Thai sequences should have a look at the ‘making of’ featurette available on the above site.


I’m actually gonna get this film from ebay pretty soon. It looks amazingly kickass


i would be rather hesitant in acquiring the film via Ebay. most likely you’ll be getting a bootleg/pirate copy that has very, very poor English subtitle translations. buyer be careful …


I only wanna warn you for the Singapore DVD.

This DVD is cut.

And the company  Europacorp from Luc Besson dicided 2003 that the american and the european version has to be cut.

So be very, very carefully, what version you buy.

I would be very thankful, if people with this DVD could post which version they bought and who long it is.

[quote]Nope, it’s tempting though.  I don’t have a region free dvd player.  I also want to see Battle Royale, have you heard of a region free version of the disc, or would I need a region free player, too?  Where would you get one of those things?[/quote]

just so you know, there is a 2 disc region 0 version of battle royale floating around. you can get it from an independent seller on or from or it's actually pretty easy to get now.
but anyway...back to the ONG BAK discussion.

I’ ve seen this awesome movie some months ago and yes, it contains some of the most mind blowing action you will ever see in your life ! Tony Jaa makes even Jackie Chan oder Jet Li look like a pensioner.

But I have to warn you: The VCD from Hong Kong contains subs, but is cut, the HK- DVD is uncut but has no subs, the french version is 7mins shorter and contains an alternative soundtrack (french hip hop !!??!!). The coming DVD from Great Britain will also be cut !

@ Hisayasu:

So which DVD/VCD could you recommend me?

And where can I buy it?

hehehe and where can I find all the money for the DVDs I wanna have ASAP?

[quote]@ Hisayasu:

So which DVD/VCD could you recommend me?

And where can I buy it?[/quote]
Mmmhhhh…pretty difficult question. I must say that the story of ONG BAK is very simple you don’ t really need subs. So i would recommend the Thai- DVD. Where you can get it ? Sorry, but i know only german mailorders like for example.

Money ?

Yes, i would like to know that too.

For the german here:

We gonna see ONG BAK in the GERMAN THEATRE! :o

Check it out here:

Has someone some information about a possible german DVD?

btw, I finally got the disc (only a VCD) and this movie fucking rules!