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Once upon a time in mexico

sorry if this has been done before but in the commentary for this movie RR says that the part for Danny Trejo was originally for QT. so im kinda curious. was tarantino actually going to portray a mexican?? or would the whole “are you a mexican or a mexicant?” thing be left out?

listen to the commentary again, RR added that mexi-can(t) thing, for QT, he was gonna play a mexican, RR said so himself, listen to this stuff better next time. :wink:

i didnt listen to it. i read that in the paper today.

Oh, my most sinceare (sp?) apologies. :’(

well years ago, Tarantino was set to play Knive’s cousin. But because he started working on Kill Bill so he dropped out. Today, he’s only mentioned as Special Thanks

i really cant see him as a mexican

if you put a mustache on anybody you can look mexican

He could play like a half MExican asshole or something…just give him a dirty beard and some dirty clothes. He was practically there in Desperado.

Willem Defoe looked mexican as hell in OUATIM, QT wouldve too, shame he wasnt in it though.

what i meant by i cant see him as mexican i meant by the way he talks. id like to see if he can actually pull off a mexican accent

Eli Wallach pulled it off really well in The Good, the Bad, and the UGly…and I don’t think he’s Mexican…or if any…not very Mexican.

I think Eli Wallach is Jewish…But ya, he totally fooled me also :slight_smile:

I’m glad they went with Trejo. Being a Mexican helps enormously for him, but he is a better actor in my opinion for the spanish criminal role

never the less I can guarantee if Trejo didn’t play that part, he would STILL be in the film.

[quote]never the less I can guarantee if Trejo didn’t play that part, he would STILL be in the film.

That’s a given. Rodriguez and Trejo are cousins, I think, and considering that RR considers him the definitive Mexican, he’d have a part in a movie about Mexico for sure

WTF? No, they’re not cousins.

Trejo had to audition for Desperado, RR tlked about the first time he saw him, and hired him right on the spot in the Desperado DVD commentary.

[quote]WTF? No, they’re not cousins.

From imdb:

[i]Cousin of director Robert Rodriguez.


but dont forget he is mexican, meaning many relatives. i mean he could have hardly known trejo before the audtion therfore an audition would be required

speaking of the good the bad and the ugly   if you have the special edition dvd it says the bad if the ugly and the ugly is the bad?!?!?!? has anyone else noticed this     it says it in the special features on the 2nd disk


Do you mean in the trailer? Yes, they muddled those two up for some reason. The guy on the commentary also muddles both of the names up.