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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - The novel

This summer, Quentin Tarantino’s first novel will come out. We have compiled all the info on one page, including an increasing number of info and links for various Amazon availabilities of translations, check it out:


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we keep adding info to the above page, unfortunately the French book cover is not yet public

New trailer with tons of unseen footage

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NewBev book launch tickets go on sale tomorrow

NYT review

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How sweet to find it loaded on my kindle this morning. Can’t wait for the paperback of course… excited to read it

This is full of spoilers:

Any ideas if there will be a hardcover version eventually? I’m thinking if I should hold off and wait for that or just go for the paperback… :slight_smile:

wondering as well, it was originally announced, and it is also announced in the paperback, but so far no word from the publishers…

I just watched a bunch of QT interviews and I think it was in the recent Jimmy Kimmel one he mentioned he had to convince the publishers to release paperback first, so hopefully hardcover will show up eventually. I’ll just get the paperback now from amazon (using your reference link) since its so cheap.

All the movie references in the novel

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This is a great article

Hi. I read somewhere that the hard back is coming out in November . Its will be a special hardback package .

Cant wait . I have i on kindle and paper back . I am hoping he will do special sign copies

And the novel is also the subject of the first episode of the Furious Cinema podcast

Cover design, release date and Amazon links for the deluxe hardcover edition added to our information page of the ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD novel