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On the DVD! Line missing! Conflustered!

hey everyone. We were watching the special edition DVD the other day and there’s a line missing! Wondering if anyone else noticed this? It’s the line ‘I think he just passed out’ (which I like). We’ve seen it before off the DVD, but we didn’t notice, I guess because we’d just fill in the line in our heads anyway. The thing is that it seems to take White longer than normal to say ‘he ain’t dead’, so we’re thinking it might be that somehow there was a mistake in the sound transfer and the passing out line was lost, and the other line was put in its place to cover it up or SOMETHING. I don’t know about these things… also Mr Pink says ‘what then?’ or similar, which is of course never answered. Any thoughts?

answer me, durn it! this is very important! >:(

In all honesty i didn’t notice. But i’ve just had a look and you’re right! I’m not sure why though. It could have been a mistake, but i do know.

I bought the DVD right after I saw the movie on VHS again. He defintely said"He’s just passed out." You are correct.