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Olivia Thirlby

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Olivia Thirlby (born October 6, 1986) is an American actress best known for her role as Leah, the best friend of Ellen Page’s character in the 2007 film Juno.

In June 2008, Thirlby was described by Vanity Fair magazine as a member of “Hollywood’s New Wave”, along with young performers including the cast of Gossip Girl, The Jonas Brothers, Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Josh Peck and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


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I love Olivia Thirlby though, I want to see her in a film noir. I think I first saw her in Flight 93, the Paul Greengrass movie - then I saw her again in Juno of course, I was like - I’ve seen that chick somewhere, and then bang, I remembered. After that I caught Snow Angels, it was a good flick - but it’s the kind of flick you’d watch twice - though.

David Gordon Green is one of the best directors working today but Snow Angels fell flat, still good, just feel flat but that being said, Thirlby is always a highlight.

Well I’ve only seen three of her films and she’s made quite an impact on me. Still have to see The Wackness, though. I heard it was Wack. Meaning cool. Wait is it “Whackness” or “Wackness” - hmmmm.

Another thing is she’s not giving into the whole - “look at me I’m pretty and famous” thing like Megan Fox. She’s letting her acting do all the talking.

That is what I call a yum yum :-*

The Wackness.

It wasn’t very good.

I have recurrent fantasies of double banging her with Peter Lorre.

I don’t know why he creeps into my fantasies, just watching me with those bulging eyes. Damn you, you creep, find your own dream girl and leave me alone! >:(

Juno’s best friend?

Leah was her character in Juno. I think.